Our Love Story

If you are here to catch up on our lives or just happened upon us...Welcome! 

A little about us. Tom graduated from school in 2006, his brother convinced him to move Texas all the way from Minnesota. He thought WHY NOT??  In 2007, Whit decided it was time to spread her wings. It was time to move from her little east Texas home and soak up all of Austin.

 Tom was Whit's instructor in an orientation class for their job, she thought he was cute....but he sure seemed like a D-bag. :) Over the course of a year later ,a few hairy relationships, and really BAD flirting (Tom)...Whitney somehow fell for this guy who she couldn't STAND only months before. She went on a family trip to Alabama, and realized while she was away she missed him. When she returned,  from that moment on we were inseparable. 

We bought a sweet black lab together. Miller Rayne is our baby. She is people, no matter what you think. Yes, we're crazy. :)

 April 2009 we were engaged.

  A year later, married before our family & friends in the most amazing wedding we could have ever dreamed of. 

We got prego with our little Pea-nette (girly peanut) in October of 2010. After finding out we had a funky uterus, a two vessel umbilical cord (there should be three vessels) and a teeny tiny baby we were on CLOSE watch.

After A LOT of 12 hour (I think the 5 in a row did me in) nursing shifts and too many contractions, home bound it was for us two girls. Pea-nette threatened to come way too early at 32 weeks so house arrest turned into bed rest. BOO. Our only outings were to each doctor three times a week and church (because God is Who you  turn to as a family at a time like this.) 

After lots of prayers and A LOT of sitting, our precious angel arrived on May 26th, 2011 at 37 weeks. 
5lbs 3 oz & 17 1/2inches of pure perfection.

Rowyn "Sassy Pants" Michelle is full of sass and joy. She makes us smile every day. We thank God over and over. He blessed us with a perfect child who makes us both better individuals, better companions, and better parents. 

 This is how we, The Boffs, live our day to day lives. It's a crazy life, but it's ours and we wouldn't change a thing.