About Me

My birth name is Whitney. However, I usually am only referred to that when by mail, at the doctors office, or when I'm in trouble with my husband or mother. I usually go by Whit or Willis. Willis is weird, but I like it. It's a family nickname that was given to me as a child, and it has stuck.

 I've been a registered nurse since 2007. I love the South, cowboy boots, and dancing. The Beatles make me go pitter patter, along with most music. I have an obsession with shoes & purses. I catch myself watching ESPN even when my husband isn't in the room, and I have won first place in our Fantasy Football championship once (somehow). I find myself to be happiest when in the sun next to a body of water, cooking in the kitchen with my hubs, hanging out with my family, or listening to acoustic music on a beautiful day. I love to eat pickles, craw fish, sweet tea, mexican food, italian food, or sour patch kids. I am random,sometimes too laid back and a hippie at heart, and I embrace these qualities with all of my being. :)

I am the luckiest woman in the world to have been brought up in the family I was raised in.  My parents have been married 30+ years when the odds were totally against them. My sister & Mom are my very best friends. My Daddy is the first love of my life, my nephew, Kason, the second love of my life and my hubs the FINAL. :) He is my best friend who makes up every quality I never even knew I wanted in a man. We embarked on our journey as parents in May of 2011. New to this Mom thing I have no idea what I'm doing MOST days. So far I've learned I'm a granola, baby wearing, breastfeeding, and cloth diapering type of Mom. 

Thanks for taking an interest in my amazing life.