Thursday, August 8, 2013

Mamas need play dates too.

Yesterday we got together with some of our favorite mamas, babies, and bumps :) Since we have moved I've had more play dates than I ever did the first 1.5 years of Rowyn's life. It' has been so great to re-connect with these ladies that I've grown up with. Now we are grown and have babies of our own...CRAZINESS.

I'm stealing this picture from my good friend, Jennifer, over at Miller Musings. If you don't follow her...go. She always posts yummy recipes and is doing some crazy awesome DIY things to their house.

All of these ladies I've known for at least 10+ years. Through out different times in my life I have been closer to some than others, and now I can say the relationship I share with them now means so much more to me. I love that feeling of friendship and mama comradery. Us mamas have to stick together...for my sanity's sake. :)  No, but seriously....SO BLESSED TO KNOW THESE LADIES. I feel God's love more and more every time we get together and it's a great reminder of why this move is truly what was meant for us.

Look at this doll baby. She had soooo much fun. She was a filthy mess afterwards, but who cares! Last night she started acting puny, but I am glad she had fun during the day. I just hope whatever has her down won't stick around long. 

Rowyn sure does love "Harry". :) It melts my heart. 

I hope you are lucky enough to have a mama group too. Every mama deserves at least one mama friend to relate to. I don't think I would have survived motherhood without ladies just like these. 

On another note...I NEED TO FIGURE OUT THIS BLOG LAYOUT. It has been driving me bonkers since the last time I changed it, and I can seem to get it to look how I want. GRR.....who wants to help me out here?!?! :)

Have a great Wednesday.
The Boffs

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  1. I love this post so much!! So thankful to have all you precious mamas in my life!!


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