Friday, May 31, 2013

Rowyn's Birth Story

I have been crazy busy...what's new?

Sunday was Rowyn's 2nd Birthday. It was perfect. We all had a blast, and I was FAR less stressed than last year.

I'll definitely be doing a party post, but I've  really been wanting to post her Birth Story which I've never done...surprisingly. The closest I came to telling you guys the ins and outs was HERE.

On the morning of May 26th, Tom and I threw our already pre packed bags in the car due to a baby who thought she was going to come a few weeks earlier. He FINALLY installed the car seat the night before after I had asked him since we were admitted to the hospital 6 weeks before. GRR!!

I was told to eat a good breakfast, and I was also being told to eat like a cow those last few weeks to get little toots to gain some weight.  Where else would we stop other than Chik-fil-A. Their chicken bagel is my favorite. I remember being a little nauseous that morning, but I wasn't going to let that stop me! It was DELICIOUS!  

When we arrived to the hospital, we got the same exact room and same exact day nurse we had when went in for preterm labor. We did the usual pee in the cup, lets start an IV, lets get your life story...blah blah. My urine ketones were high as always, but we stopped worrying about that since we wanted Rowyn and I to gain lots of weight at that point. It usually made the nurses go into panic mode. 

My nurse, Sarah, sat down with me to get an idea of what we wanted as far as the day goes. Will we give vaccines? Are you breastfeeding or formula feeding? Pacifiers or no pacifiers. Episiotomy or not? etc. etc. etc. etc. Then it came to what I wanted to do during the birth. I had always wanted to do a natural birth. Being induced meant, it wasn't going to be natural as I had planned but I could still go pain intervention free. I told Sarah I didn't want pain medication. She didn't bat an eye, she just asked ,"Why?"

"Because I can."

That was my answer.  She smiled and said, "Good!" :) She did go into say it was doable. She would be there for me the whole time. She finished my pep talk off with," There is going to be a time when you will ask me for pain medication. It will be transition. Then it's too late. I'm only telling you this because it's normal to get to that point and think you can't do it, but by that point you will already have. Ok?"


After we got everything rolling, around 10 AM we finally got the Pitocin going. We spent the first couple of hours chatting it up, watching TV, peeing a lot, smiling, and dreaming of baby R. Before noon my OB came to break my water. I had actually talked to my nurse about postponing that as long as possible just in case things took a while, but I went ahead and said ok. In hind site, I don't think I would do it again but it didn't really matter to me at the time. It was just weird feeling like I was peeing on myself over and over. LOL I felt the contractions getting stronger but nothing I couldn't handle after having them constantly before admission anyway. Sarah came in at one point and was like when you aren't smiling anymore we'll talk, but until then we'll just keep cruising. You are doing good.

My parents and sister came to visit and said they were going to go to lunch and would be back.
Around noonish  to one. I was feeling a little uncomfortable so I did a lot of rocking at my bedside. Tom was working on a paper I think for school. HA! I just know he was on the computer and I was trying to concentrate on the TV and not the contractions. They were getting stronger. People ask what they feel like all the time. They felt like bad period cramps....really bad cramps. I felt them the worst in my pelvis and legs. My legs often ache when I get my period, so I wasn't surprised, they were just supercharged. I finally got to the point where I was having to breathe through them and I didn't want to stand and rock anymore.

I gingerly got in bed, and laid back. I didn't like that either. Apparently Rowyn didn't like me on my back either, her heart rate went wonky then so they put me on some oxygen and made me roll over to my side felt amazing. Thankfully my OB came in and said I didn't need the O2 and just to call him when I was ready to push.. Oh and we can turn off the Pitocin. HALLELUJAH! Actually I really wanted to be in the bath. A warm bath sounded like heaven right about now. 

Sarah let me labor on my side for a good while, thank God. If she had been a stickler for the back thing, I think there would have been words. By this time my family was back and were being so awesome. Feet rubs, cool rags...the works. I did have to threaten them with eviction if they didn't stop trying to talk me out of not getting an epidural. I know they didn't want to see me hurting, but I didn't want one and I didn't want them to say that word one more time. Ok...I was now taking on the crazy laboring woman role. I was that person you see/hear on TV.

I did say about 5 times "I can't do this! I CAN'T!" Sarah made me look her in the eyes and said, "Yes. Yes you can. You are doing it! YOU ARE DOING GREAT! Just clear your mind and think about your baby."  She also gave the best hand rubs. I got so lucky when that woman walked into my room that morning. Thank God for her. I may or may not have also grabbed Tom by the neck and told him "I couldn't do it!" to which he also calmly replied, "Yes you can! You are doing so awesome." I read my books to him :) he was prepared. 

Around 2PM I was feeling that "bearing down" sensation like I wanted to push. I told my nurse and she checked....yep. At this point we brought in the troops. Sarah's charge nurse was a male nurse. I was a little surprised originally, but he was also so awesome during my labor cheering me on, giving me short direct instructions and helping Tom be as much of a part of it as he wanted to.  I truly lucked out with my labor and delivery staff. 

Anyway, so here I'm getting ready to push and we're trying to gauge how long I'll push and when she'll need to call my OB. She told me if I can push for under an hour, I would win. Win what?? I don't know...but I'm all about competition so ok...lets do this.

It took me a few pushes to figure out how to make it actually work FOR me and not against me. Actually it was the male charge nurse that helped me get that right too. I don't know if he had a secret uterus or something, but that man knew his L&D poop. (No pun intended.)Anyway, so we're pushing and Sarah gets my attention between contractions. "Ok Whit. When I tell you to stop pushing, I'm serious...I need you to STOP! ok?? I don't want you to tear." 

Wait. WHAT?!?! You are going to ask me to STOP pushing and you expect me to do so at the drop of a hat! I have no doubt the "You are bat shit crazy!" look was on my face. She then had the balls to follow it with, "It's going to be really hard,but you have to do it!"

ughhhhhhh. Let me just say, at this point I had already been cussing like a sailor and following it with profuse apologies. I was the dirtiest mouthed mama on the floor, but my southern ways had me apologizing immediately after. LOL. My Daddy (who was in the room, but behind the curtain because he's as modest as they come) told me I made him proud. :) Also, behind that curtain, he was one of my biggest fans. He was cheering me right along with everyone else, even though I know hearing his baby girl in a lot of pain must have been hard on him. 

So here we go, time to push was coming again. I looked at Sarah in complete fear, disgust, angst...any word you can think of. I'm pushing, we're counting, and... "OK! STOP! STOP PUSHING!" 

I stopped. I was pissed, it was hard, but I did it. She hadn't steered me wrong yet. I wasn't going to stop trusting her now. 

After some very uncomfortable stretching. I'm pretty sure anyone that got near Rowyn's head got a big "OOW!!! THAT HURTS!" It did hurt. I didn't want anyone's hands down there! I had a small melon coming out of me, I didn't need your nasty phalanges digging around! Sorry for the visual....LOL WHO AM I KIDDING?!?! It's a birth story!! I know all of you birth story junkies are just eating this up. 

So we took our pushing break. I'm got Tom to my left arm, the male charge nurse at my left leg, Sarah to my right, the OB is ready and the camera is going. (Yep, dear sis had the camera ready! I'm glad)

My OB asked if I wanted an episiotomy. It's funny how I was dead set against it, but when it came game time I suddenly wasn't sure what to do. This is why you talk to your people about this before the delivery. You are so fuzzy and emotional, you need them to help keep you on track. I turned to Sarah. "No. We can do this without it, Whit! We can!"

Alrght, lady! If you say so.

"No episiotomy."

Here we go another contraction. I remember saying "Ow. Ow. Ow." as calm as could be and looking at the male nurse. He just said, "It's ok! It's the Ring of Fire. You are almost there. Ring of Fire. Ring of Fire."

How in the eff does this man know what the Ring of Fire is?!?!?! I swear he was a woman in another life. 

Any way, I'm happy to say two good pushes later, home girl arrived in this world battered in vernix and at 2:59PM. All 5lbs 2 oz of her.  I pushed for 59 minutes...under an hour! :) Where's my award?!?!? Oh...and I didn't tear. Not a millimeter. My nurse deserves an even bigger award!!!

So there it is. 

Rowyn Michelle's birth story. It's amazing 2 years later, I can still remember so much. My labor and delivery wasn't exactly how I planned originally, but it was an amazing experience. I wouldn't change a thing. I was so blessed.

My postpartum experience was awful, but I try to block that out and focus on her amazing birth. It was the most empowering amazing feeling. I am woman. Hear me ROAR! Also...that sweet squishy at the end is totally worth it. 

Was your birth what you had envisioned with your kids?? Will you do it differently the next go round??

I have about a million things I want to blog about, but life seems to always get in the way. Bear with me. I hope you guys have an amazing weekend!!!

Lots of Love,
The Boffs


  1. My birth story is a lot different than I hoped it would be and there are loads of things I'd do differently! In all honesty, I should have read more about it before it actually happened to me. Next time I will know what I want :) Thanks for sharing!

  2. Loved it!! Thanks for sharing.
    Honestly, talking to you about this before I had Eli helped me immensely have a med free birth. I wouldn't have changed a thing about it. It was perfect. And holy ring of fire. AWFUL.
    And my postpartum with carter was completely hell. With Eli, was nothing!! I swear next baby you'll be up and won't feel a thing. It was like I had ridden a bike a little too long and felt bruised. Crazy how different.


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