Thursday, May 16, 2013

Our week so far.

So we've gotten over our ear infections from last week. Poor thing was pitiful. Now we're just finishing up the antibiotic that we AREN'T allergic to. The only downfall is that it gives her awful diarrhea so we've been in sposies until that clears up.

Actually we have ben in sposies for almost a month with how crazy our life has been with traveling and such. I miss your fluffy cloth butt. I'm enjoying have a break from the laundry for sure though. :)

Happy ears means our little fish got to go to swim lessons this week too. It was much better than our first day....due to the unknown double ear infection (I felt so bad!)

I posted on our FB this week that I started the Bikini Body Mommy 90 day Challenge. The response was amazing! Several of my friends and readers have said they are on board too. Go follow her FB page HERE. It's a FREE workout with REAL results. If you have any questions message her, she is so sweet. Or feel free to hit me up too and I can message you a few meal ideas that I do. Rowyn is my workout partner and is rockin' the burpees in the video. It's awesome!


I've been doing some Birthday planning this week and it's been fun! Here's a little sneak peak.

I'm headed to Mommy Con Austin this weekend! I am super excited. I hope I'll learn some amazing things. I've really been interested in becoming a Child Passenger Safety Technition and I'm hoping someone there can give me some more info. I feel like our small town could use something like that around here....especially after a police officer told me it would be a good idea to turn my not yet 2 yr old around in her seat, because it would make her happier.  Insert wide eyed emoji. I'm all down for a happy kid, but a safe non beheaded kid is much cuter and happier in the end in my opinion. :/

Last night I sat in on a "party" of sorts on the FaceTime app.. (Isn't technology amazing?!?!) My best friend has introduced me to a company that sells a lot of really amazing non toxic products for your home. I am soooo excited about it. If you guys would like to know more about it, please message me and I would love to tell you more. Tboff is pretty excited about it too....that makes me even more happier. Here's to a happy healthier home. 

How is your week going???  Anything exciting??

Lots of Love,
The Boffs

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