Wednesday, May 22, 2013

MommyCon Austin 2013

We. Had. A. Blast. This. Weekend.

I am so so glad I got to go. Honestly I was starting to dread the drive to Austin, but I had great company. :) It made the drive a breeze, even with a 5 month old and an almost 2 yr old. 

Sunday was filled natural parenting products and interests galore. I managed to not buy a thing, which took a lot of strength :). I keep thinking about a wrap I got my hands on and may have convinced myself that I NEED it. Trying to convince TBoff of that may be a different story. :)

I got to listen to Jessica  from The Leaky B@@B and her husband speak about marriage and kids. They were so great, funny, and inspring. I wish TBoff had been able to attend to listen too, but with a new job that just wasn't an option at this point. 

I was really surprised by the amount of people shocked that I was taking Rowyn. There  were kiddos everywhere. They had a big play are in the back of the main meeting room. She had plenty of fun and I got to hear every word the speakers had to say. 

The two speakers that brought me to tears, however, were January from Birth Without Fear and Jessica from The Leaky B@@b. January is so passionate about birthing our babies and not being afraid to ask and do it how we want. I was about ready to go give birth to a 15lb kid in the woods after she was done.....

No really, but close. 

Jessica's solo talk about "community" and "our people" really hit home as well. After the going through some "community" changes the last two years where friends are concerned I was about ready to lock up our doors and never let another soul in. I didn't want to trust anyone again. The ones we trust always hurt us. I can't let them hurt my child. I want her to be surrounded by love. TBoff and I's love is all that we can count on....
Rowyn's Best Friend whose mommy I'm not sure I could get through my mommy life without. :)

That's not fair. That's FEAR! That's fear leading my child away from people that have the potential of loving her like she deserves. She deserves to be surrounded by LOVE! I came home rejuvenated. I came home ready to open my mind and heart to the people I have found in our "new" home and know that we as a family deserve that.

If you don't follow either of them on should. DO IT! NOW!

I will most definitely be going back to MommyCon next year. I know I'll hit up Dallas for sure, but I'm seriously considering doing both Dallas and Austin! LOL. It was great.
Hollat at cha' MommyCon!! We can't wait to come back! :)

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