Thursday, May 9, 2013

It's Been a Rough Week.

We have had  the week from HADES! : / I mean really bad. I'm hoping today is somewhat normal, but if how Rowyn slept last night has any inclination then I'm not getting my hopes up too high.

We spent last week in Gulf Shores with my grandparents. We always have a blast when we go.

Rowyn did great driving the 10+ hours there and back. On the way back she seemed to be really tired and napped a couple of times, which is unheard of for her in the car. 

When we got thome we realized she had a little temp. The next day she seemed to be ok all day. A little fever that AM but it was low grade and went away pretty quickly. I made a bad choice and decided to take her to swim lessons that night.  

She was not happy at lessons. At first I thought it was because she was overwhelmd. Some swim instructor was yelling at some kids when we walked in and it really upset her. So I thought she was just off from that. We got home and realized she had a fever.  That fever kept us up all night Monday night and continued on until Wednesday. 

Excuse our paci. I'm going to attempt to get rid of it soon....hopefully!

It took 2.5 hrs to finally get in and see a new pedi GRR and we did not get the warm fuzzies from her. Oh, and we have a double ear in fection. Lovely. Poor Bubby was miserable.I had to then take that pitiful bubby to Target to get her RX filled. IT TOOK FOREVER!! We actually ended up having to leave because she was so miserable and made Daddy come save the day. :) 
Sleep wasn't so hot either Tuesday night. THEN comes Wednesday. This is how it STARTED. This was only at 9 AM. 

I gave Rowyn her third dose of Antibiotic(most of which she spit out) and she started  to get a rash.

You can sort of see the rash on her cheeks and behnd her ears.


By 10 AM was full blown hives and she was itching like crazy. I felt horrible for her...oh and she also had raging diarrhea fom the antibiotics. We FINALLY got a hold of someone at the new dr's office and got a new antibiotic. HALLELUJAH. Still, Bubby wasn't feeling so hot. Apparently Benadryl doesn't do much for her. She was itching all night long. 

Trying to have a little fun in the midst of our craziness.

Today we're hoping for a good day. Maybe we'll have icecream for lunch. Ice cream always makes a good day. :)How has ya'lls week been?? We're still on the house hunt. We found one we liked and made THREE offers on it and the owners/realtor aren't budging. So now we have to get unattached to a home we fell in love with, and start the search over. BOO. 

Hope you guys are having a better week than us! :)

Lots of Love,
The Boffs

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