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Willis & Tboff: Our weird love story.

Today I'm joining my dear friend Megan over In This Wonderful Life and a few other bloggers in a Love and Marriage blog series.  If you have been living under a rock and don't follow Megan and her sweet family...stop what you are doing right now (even if it means reading about the silliest love story there ever was) and go follow her pronto. Megan is an inspiration to me as a wife, mother, and blogger. :) Teach me your ways wise woman! TEACH ME!

Today's entry is our little introduction. If you don't know us very well, the truth is that our "How we came to be TBoff & Willis" is Tom's FAVORITE story. Mostly because he loves telling people how much I "hated" him in the beginning. Truth be told, I didn't LIKE him at all, but HATE is a strong word. :) Hate implies that I spent hours out of my day thinking about how much I want to destroy Tom's life and that's just not true. I tried to spend very little time thinking about that obnoxious arrogant turd that I worked with. 

On a whim, I moved to Austin in 2007 after nursing school. My best friend and I wanted to try a new place. Our first day in orientation was a computer charting class which lasted several days. Tom was one of the first people we met and he happened to be our instructor for the class. I'm not going to to lie, I can remember what he was wearing. I can remember how cute he was. I can remember wondering if he had a girlfriend, and also spent a little time trying to convince myself that he could be gay because no straight man looked that good and cared that much about his hair.

Then he opened his mouth.
 He wasn't gay. He was a flirt and maybe a little unhappy in life (until I came along. JOKE). That's something I learned in the first few hours of listening to him talk. :)

Come to find out Tom was a charge nurse on our floor and was my roommates preceptor. This was the lead into the strong DISLIKE I felt for this well groomed man. Since Dan & I rode to work together, it meant if one was finished with work before the other , we had to wait. It generally wasn't that long...unless Tom was involved. : /
We were there until almost 8:30 one night (we got there at 6:45AM) because he made her stay late for something STUPID! To this day I still think it's stupid and can remember cussing that man's name from that day on. 

My "Tom is annoying me" face.

Fast Forward a few months later when I was on the floor alone & off orientation. Tom was the day shift, and I was nights. For some reason Tom gave me the nickname "Super Star" and I DID NOT LIKE IT. One because it was corny and embarassing...and two because he insisted on telling my patients this STUPID name. If I walked into one more of my patients room for an introduction and they replied with "Oh you are the SUPER STAR Tom was telling us about...." I was probably going to eventually blow an aneurysm.

Shortly after, a night shift opening suddenly became available and needed to be filled quickly. Tom decided to take it. I don't really know why, other than he was trying to be helpful. He's also an over achiever. :) I was not happy. I didn't want that jerk working the same shift as me!!!! That's 12+ long hours of his obnoxious flirting and arrogant ways. See..I didn't HATE him. 
Just strongly DISLIKED. 
There is a difference.

A friend of ours at the time soon started feeling like we should invite Tom out with us on our days off. I wasn't happy about this. He works with me, and now on my off time I have to deal with him?!?!? After a few nights he didn't seem sooooo bad, but mostly because he was hilarious when he had too much to drink. 

After a while it was the norm for him to go out with us all the time. After a while he didn't seem so bad. After a while I started to....LIKE HIM! 
It's not something I would admit to anyone either. It started as an innocent "Aww he's pretty funny."

Then a "Yeah he's pretty cute."

Then the, "Man...I kind of miss him when he's not around."


I went on a family vacation for a week to GulfShores in 2008. We texted the whole time. I realized I missed him A LOT while I was gone. When I got back home, before I even had a chance to unpack...he was there. :) He brought me cookies, floaties, and a bag of sand so I wouldn't go back to the beach anytime soon. :)

It was really cute.

We have been pretty inseperable since. 
After dating for all of four months we decided to get a dog. It sounds a little crazy. 

Then we knew that nothing was going to happen to us, but even now I think "WHAT WERE WE THINKING?!?!" I did tell him, however, if soemthing were to happen to us, I was getting Miller. He just smiled and said, "Yeah, ok. Whatever." 

In April of 2009 Tom proposed to me at Barton Creek Resort after a couples massage and an amazing dinner.  It was unforgettable, mostly because I didn't see it coming and all I could say at the beginning of his proposal was, "Holy Crap! Holy Crap! Are you sure?!?! You are sure?!?!"

No. Not joking. We still joke today about wether  I ever actually said, "Yes!" or not. 

Our wedding, in April of 2010 was a fairtytale that I never knew I wanted. I begged and pleaded for us to runaway and elope or just go to the JP, but he promised me I would regret it one day. So I suffered through the endless planning with my eye on the prize.

An amazing man and a honeymoon in Antigua. :)

It was all perfect. 

Is your "story" anything like ours??? More romantic? HA!

Join in the fun here.

Happy Wednesday!!!

Lots of Love, 
The Boffs

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