Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Move from HELL!

I'm never. EVER.  Moving. EVER. Again. EVER.

Rowyn was puny the drive back....we were all alone. We made it...ALIVE!

If I do....I'll have a ton of extra money laying around to let someone else do it for us. :) HA!

We got to see our adorable family while we were there....it wasn't all bad. 

We went last weekend and got MOST of our stuff. After a 20ft Uhaul truck, a 6x12 ft trailer, a van, and a SUV... it didn't all fit. It his parents hadn'tbeen there, I'm not sure how we would have made it work!!

TBoff has to go back all by himself next weekend. Rowyn and I will be with my parents visting my grandparents in Gulf Shores. I hate that he has to go and do it all alone.

Grandma & Grandpa drove all the way down from Minnesota to visit all of their  grands AND help us move. SAINTS!!!

On the upside, when we got home Sunday, we had the help of a TON of people. It was amazing. We've never had that help before when we have moved. It was such an amazing and blessed feeling to see the people we love there and welcoming us with open arms. It gave us the warm fuzzies. :)

These two are just a few weeks apart. They will be besties for life. :)All the while us two mommies will  be talking about how cute little hellians they are. 

Got to see our favorite friends in ATX. WE MISSED THEM....Rowyn is sad to leave them again. LOL

How was your weekend??? We have a busy few weeks ahead. Gulf Shores, House closing, Mommy Con, and a 2nd Birthday Party. YIKES!

Miss Tude cruisin' the streets. 

How was your weekend??? Better than ours I'm sure! :)

Lots of Love,
The Boffs

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  1. So I am not sure I have ever commented before on your blog, but I have been reading since Rowyn was born. Anyway, I am a contributor for Austin Moms Blog and saw you comment on one of Allison's mid-night questions, and it just reminded me what a small world it is! And I finally decided to say hi!


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