Thursday, April 11, 2013

Marriage and Love Series: Trials & Obstacles

I'm linking up for the second installment of the Love & Marriage Series by several bloggers, including my friend Megan.

If TBoff and Willis had a middle name it would be Patience. Not because we have it.
No. It's because we are continuously saying we need more of it. We have had a rough almost 2 years.

It's nothing that any other marriages don't go through, it's just never fun.

Here we were, two crazy night shift nurses. We went and did as we pleased. We went out with friends. We enjoyed the frequent cocktail...because we are in our prime! BECAUSE WE CAN! Whatever...I do what I want.

Then we threw a pregnancy in the mix. An unstable one. Cue the emotional roller coaster.

THEN throw a baby in that. A sweet adorable baby you want to protect with all your might.

 You want to protect them from people you thought you could trust and come to find out you can't...not at all.

Then it's just these two crazy sleep deprived parents with their sweet squishy. No one else. Family is across the state/country. It's just us three against the world. Believe me, most days thats how we felt. Alone.

Imagine going through all of that and also getting your Masters degree...AND working full time. Imagine feeling the weight of the world on your shoulders because all you want to do is protect and provide for your wife and kid.

Imagine empty promises from a lot of folks, but again the only truth at the end of the day is that person you share your heart and soul with. That person you share the covers with. The person with which you made an absolute perfect little human. We were the only honest to goodness truth in our little world, and even then sometimes you wonder when is that going to be ripped away.

It's sad really. So many bad things kept happening, and you just keep telling yourself "Don't let your guard down. Something else will happen."

It usually did, but our problem was we saw those things and focused on them like we had done something to make it happen. Like we were really bad and unlucky. We just waited on God to do something "good for us," and that wasn't fair. While I'm sure God was not happy watching us flounder in all of life's dissapointments, I know he couldn't been happy with the fact we kept blaming it all on bad luck and just waiting for the next knock on the door to be yet another let down.

We finally decided to get up. To make our own future. We had to stop thinking about the next bit of bad news. We had to stop blaming everyone else. We had to stop.

We got up, brushed ourselves off and started over.

New/old friends.

A new home.

A new job.

A new life.

It's still not easy. Some days we still fall into those old habits of waiting on the bad. Except this time we can look up and see support. We have support all around us. We always have, but we were so blinded by the bad, we were forgetting about all the good in our lives. We do have it so good, and I hope we always remember that. Through all this, I am very certain we have made an amazing relationship with God. Sometimes I wonder if maybe that's why all those things were taken away from us. He wanted us to fully focus and rely on him. Without a doubt, he is the one I turn to at any given moment of any day. He is our rock.

Have you suffered through any obstacles in your marraige??? How did you get through them?? Are you still struggling with them??

Thank you all for all the anniversary wishes. We got to have dinner and gelato last night, ALL ALONE! It was perfect.

I hope you guys have a great Thursday.

Lots of Love,

The Boffs


  1. I am not married, but that really spoke to me! I feel like I get caught waiting for the bad as well. After a couple hard years, it can feel so challenging to go out and make the life you want. Love this post!

    1. So glad this post found you today!


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