Monday, March 18, 2013

Catch Up

So we've been busy as usual and so making myself find the time to sit and blog is tough. The weather has also been amazing, so I'm sure you can understand. :)

We've been spending our time soaking in the rays, playing "tatch" (catch), going to Birthday parties, and soaking up our loved ones.

I realized this weekend we have been here two months! It's a little crazy to me! We have loved it so much. Going back to small town living has definitely been an adjustment, but a good one. I've quickly learned that I truly can't go ANYWHERE without seeing someone I know. That's a big change from Austin, where that rarely happpend unless it was intentional. 

I've still been on my Pinterest kick. Do yourself a favor and make THESE PRONTO! They are a favorite of mine back at Kerby Lane in Austin. So it's natural that feeling a little "Austin" sick I want them every least that's what I tell myself. Instead of butter or syrup on time I make a lemon glaze that is to. die. for. Just mix up a bit of melted butter, lemon juice, and powder sugar to desired consistancy and BAM! Instant heaven.

 I'm also about to get my crafty on. Lately I'm pinning a bunch of busy bags and quiet books.  I'm also in the beginning stages of planning a 2nd Birthday!

*le sigh*
I feel like we JUST had our First Birthday.

I am going to attempt to not go overboard this year with all the crafts and decor. Just a simple gathering with our family and friends.  Remind me of that when I'm knee deep in tulle and pom poms. 

How was your weekend?? Are you getting ready for the Easter Bunny??  
 Us too. :)

Have a great Week. 
Lots of Love,
The Boffs

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