Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Customer Service Part Deux

Not so long ago I posted about my AWFUL experience with customer service HERE. I've yet to shop with that company again, and never spoke to a soul even after I emailed them that very blog post. 

Today I want to recognize a company that is leaps and bounds on the opposite end of that customer service spectrum. A company that I now respect and appreciate for valuing their customers and making it seemingly painless and easy to get answers.

For my Birthday, I received my very first pair of NICE and utterly amazing running shoes from the in-laws so I can keep working on my fitness. 

They have been amazing little hot pink pieces of heaven. 

They are like sweet little hugs of cotton candy on my feet.

I. Love. Them.

A couple of weeks ago I felt like I had something stuck to my shoe.  I quickly found out that it wasn't something stuck ON, something was coming OFF.

In three months time, my cat like speed was literally running the tread right off my shoe...
Like. A. Cheetah.


Anywho, I logged onto Brook's website fully expecting to have to jump through the same hoops that I did with the last company. I found the Customer Service link with no problem. I sent an email.

With that sent email I heaved a big sigh and thought about my bad luck. I finally got a nice pair of shoes and they were already falling apart. With a heavy heart I just new my speed lightning shoes were closing in close to the end of their days. 
They would then go where all the other rejected "old" running shoes go in my house.
They turn into old yard shoes.

Whomp Whomp.

I sent the email as soon as I noticed the problem which was after my evening workout. Before I went to bed I checked my email once again not expecting to see anything new but Pinterest notifications and another "It's FREE SHIPPING ALL WEEKEND!" email from some random company. Instead there was a response from Brooks. In the matter of hours SOMEONE (not an automated message) had emailed me back.

They prompted me to fill out a defect form and hoped to make me "run happy" once again. :) I filled it out before bed. I was pretty eager to see how long the next response would be.

The next morning I received this lovely message.

Dear Whitney, 
Thank you for contacting Brooks. We are sorry to hear about your Pure Cadence. I have placed an order for a new pair, and they should be on the way soon. 
Order: 1001603844
Run Happy,
Jamie DBrooks Customer Service

Whaaat?!?! That's right. A brand new spanking pair or lightning! I received them by that weekend and they are pure perfection.

Talk about super painless and incredible customer service. I'll without a doubt be shopping with Brooks again because they most definitely make me "run happy!"

I can't help it, I love grumpy cat so much and this one literally makes me giggle out loud every time. 

Have any awesome customer service issues lately??? 
Did it make you want to poke your eyeballs out?

Don't worry, I've been there.

Lots of Love,
The Boffs


  1. This is awesome! You just reminded me to pack my running shoes lol. Grumpy cat cracks me up. I haven't had any goof customer service lately.



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