Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Coconut Oil

So if you KNOW me you know that if at ANY given time you ask me,

" Whitney, what do you use for 
(insert some random ailment)?" 

My answer is almost ALWAYS, "COCONUT OIL!"

You know the dad on My Big Fat Greek Wedding? The one that uses windex for everything? Yeah, that's me. I'm the windex guy, except with coconut oil and breastmilk.

Cue jaws dropping.


That's usually the response that I get. The fly in the mouth, jaw to the floor, and an almost always, "Really? Interesting."

What I'm sure most people are thinking to themselves, "That damn hippie. She has lost her marbles."

When we started using Cloth Diapers, I heard about coconut oil left and right. I honestly didn't even know it existed before then. We tried a few fancy cloth friendly diaper rash creams, but nothing ever did the job like coconut oil. When Rowyn had the bad ammonia burn, after a few days of coconut oil, breastmilk, and lots of air time it healed in no time.

Rowyn had cradle cap forever!! People kept telling me to use Selsun Blue but even my pedi was like "Eh. It will go away on it's own eventually." I read somewhere that coconut oil was great for cradle cap. Sure enough, BAM! Cradle cap gone. Plus I didn't have to use some scary shampoo on her.

When Rowyn would be going through a growth spurt/nursing marathon or she had a lazy latch and I literally thought my nipples may fall off. Nope, that coconut oil glued them right back on. :)  No seriously, chapped painful nipples are the worst. Yet when I would let them air dry after she was done nursing which used the amazing properties of breastmilk to work on them, and then put coconut oil on them...by the next nursing session they were back to normal. I also recommend Target's nursing tanks. I rarely wear a real bra...not sure if I ever will again. I wore one the other day for church (God's children appreciated it I'm sure)and Rowyn kept pointing to it like," What is that strange contraption locking up my 'nilk'?"

I burned my hand badly a few months back cooking with a cast iron skillet. Note to self: Slow down and don't grab the hot pan straight out of the 400 + degree oven...without an oven mit.
 Nope. Not. Kidding.
Also, don't put ice on it. Instead soak it in cold breast milk (or water of course if you don't have any breat milk laying around! HA) and grease it up with some coconut oil. My burn was gone in two days. My skin did peel about a week later, BUT I wasn't in pain AT ALL.

I can't make this stuff up. My blonde moments have given me perfect oppurtunities to put my "windex" to good use.

Guys, chaffing from a wet loose swimsuit?? Coconut oil.

Want to add some naturally antifungal and antibiotic properties to that nasty cut or scrape? Better yet help with the scarring??? 
Coconut oil.

Added dietary supplement for your little one that needs a few extra calories and some "GOOD" fat? Coconut oil.

Added dietary supplement to your own diet for MULTIPLE benefits? 
Yep, coconut oil.

  Leave in hair conditioner.

SUNSCREEN! This is my favorite use. It's pretty amazing.

Here are a couple of other great links about the MANY uses of coconut oil:


I'm really wanting to try one of the coconut oil shampoo recipe I've seen floating around Pinterest and oil pulling. Have any of you done oil pulling?? I heard it's pretty intense, but equally awesome.

So what do you think??? I think every household should have a big tub of coconut oil around at all times. My only suggestion is to make sure you get virgin unrefined. It has the best benefits, and it also smells delicious. If you can't find it in your local grocery in the cooking aisle, or a natural wellness store, I always tell  people Amazon.com has EVERYTHING! :)


I hope you guys are having a great week.
Lots of Love,
The Boffs


  1. We love some coconut oil in our house too! I think our last jar lasted two weeks! haha

  2. We love it too! Sometimes hubs thinks I'm crazy but then he listens, uses and believes! Haha

  3. Costco has an AWESOME price on organic coconut oil. I tried oil pulling a few times, but always forget to do it first thing in the morning, so I can't say I'm the best person to ask... but swooshing it around for twenty minutes really wasn't as bad as it sounds. When I remember to do it, I shower while swooshing to pass the time. Also, I use coconut oil in a scrub as a facial cleanser then moisturize with CO after. I found the recipe on Pinterest and LOVE it. (one tbsp CO, 1/2 cup brown sugar, one tsp lemon juice and one tsp local raw honey) P.S. Wash your face FIRST! The CO oil will make your hair oily after touching your face, then hair, so be sure to wash your hair after you've washed your face. Love coconut oil!!!


  4. My 5 month old had the WORST drool rash for the past week. I got some coconut oil Thursday evening and by this morning (Saturday) the rash is GONE!!! 100%!! Thanks for the info!


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