Monday, February 25, 2013

Addicted to Pinterest

How was your weekend?!

Ours was pretty fun.  

I love crawfish so much! It's prime crawfish season down here in the south. Friday, I convinced my family to let us get several pounds of spicy shellfish heaven and enjoy them with a few beers. Thankfully they enjoyed them as much as I hoped they would.

Saturday TBoff & I got to go and enjoy the company of a few other couples that also have kids Sass's age. We've NEVER been able to do that. It was so much fun!

I had mentioned last week that I gave up Facebook and IG for lent. So what am I doing with my extra free time??? Enjoying my little family of course...

and being addicted to Pinterest! 

Still, at least I'm actually trying some of my pins instead of letting them just sit there. Here are a few of my favorite Pinterest trials as of lately.

I love all the toddler crafts I find on there. This is just two globs of acryclic paint in a ziploc. I taped it to a window so the light would shine through for added fun. SHE LOVED THIS...I may have played a bit too. We're working on our colors lately so it was a good added bonus.
A lot of my pictures are embedded from Pinterest. Click the really small link under the pictures to go to the link if you want to check them out. This also means that I'm not a computer geek so I'm not adding captions to them because it looks all cray! Email me if you have any questions about any of them!

Rowyn and I are obsessed with this right now. Such a fun treat.

See. She loves it!

The wendy's frosty protein shake. Um...yes please.

These two crazy girls will be working on some crafts soon. IT's been raining a  lot lately, so our outside time has
been lacking. I'll post our creations soon.
Have a great Monday!

Lots of Love,
The Boffs

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