Monday, December 17, 2012

The First Man in my Life.

Nine years ago there was a little boy that loved his Mommy sooo much he didn't want to come out of her belly and play. So his Mama and I did just about all of the "tricks" to get him out of there. 

Still nothing.

About 3 AM after I had been studying all night for an A&P final, and had juuuuuuuuust fallen asleep. Someone decided it would be a good time to come into this world.

A few short hours later, my amazing sister gave birth to the most beautiful little man I had ever seen. 

He was perfection.

He was one of the first loves of my life (aside from my Daddy) and he will forever hold a special place in my heart.

From our football "games", trampoline fun, the days when I couldn't get him off the "Big Lawn Mower" and my car because he LOVED pretending to drive.

To the endless hours of Wiggles, rocking to sleep watching  Baby Einstein.

To the day he found his bellybutton and thought it was so hilarious when we would get so excited when he showed it to us.

To the time my sister and I heard a "honk honk" while we were putting up Christmas lights in the yard. We turn around to see a cute little tush and his pants around his ankles while he "watered the grass." 

Kason, you will always be my little man. I love the person you are growing up to be. Rowyn loves you so much! You have to beat up all of her loser hopeful boyfriends one day..k? 

I love you bubba! As big as the sky.


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