Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Random Thoughts by Willis

I haven't done a random post in a while,and they are always my favorite because it's truly how I think from sun up to sun down....TOTALLY RANDOM.

These are a few things that randomly crossed my scattered  brain in the last 24 hours.

We got to meet my SIL and nephew today for a few Christmas errands and a yummy hamburger. I quickly realized I shop at Hobby Lobby too much. I had THREE DIFFERENT returns to take back when we went by there. Then I went and bought more stuff. It doesn't help there is one like 3 minutes down the road. Hi, my name is Whitney. I like to craft a lot.
My craft table. AGH! Our next house, I will have a craft ROOM!
I'm beginning to think I may have over done it this year on Christmas decorations. Every year I say it, and every year it's true...It truly looks like Santa came in and threw up EVERY WHERE! It's a bit cray cray. I have 5...FIVE. Yes, FIVE trees up this year. Yep. Five. Too much??
Rowyn's Tree

The kitchen tree.

This weekend we plan to go see Santa and fully expect it to be a huge disaster. :) HA. After last weeks disastrous 18 month well check up (I need to post an update), I have no doubt the big fat hairy man with the beard and red hat may give Sass a little anxiety. This cute picture from last year will most likely be replaced with a lot of tears or me sitting in his lap instead. Hey...Santa, I wouldn't mind a new pair of shoes, a shopping spree and maybe the Didymos Orient wrap. Size 5. K.Thanks.Bye.

Yep...totally just died, didn't you? It's the squish...gets them every time.
Also, My kid is broken. Seriously. Do you think her warranty is expired or do you think I can trade her in??? Ever since the time change, she has been waking up at 5 :45-6:15. I have gotten a couple 6:45s, a few 7s, and one 8AM...but that's it!! THAT'S IT! She's always been that kid that if she goes to bed late, she will wake up crazy early. So that every morning for a month, yeah... Zzzzzzz. On the upside, we take some crazy awesome naps together.

Snuggle Queen...there is a whole queen size bed, and she usually ends up here or my arm pit. 

Speaking of naps, I was woken up with this amazing text from my very good dear friend, Julie. 
The emojis...totally identical to IRL Julie. :)

I am a finalist to be one of The Mommy Dialogues next blog writers. I share this blog on our FACEBOOK all the time, because honestly I love these ladies. I've had the amazing oppurtunity to get to know a few of these Mom's over the last year or so on Instagram and I truly love what their blog represents. I wasn't sure about applying, but I thought...what do I have to lose?? If I don't make it past the voting round, I'm pretty proud of myself for even putting myself out there and to be a part of the list with several other great Mommy friends of mine. I AM SO EXCITED! Stay tuned for my "story" to be posted on their blog. The readers vote (ahem!) and then we go from there.

So all in all it has been a day full of random thoughts and events. Honestly, it was a great day and probably one of the best I have had in a while. I knew it all deserved a beyond needed random post. First I had to purchase more space for my pictures on the blog. Apparently I post an obnoxious amount of them of my absurdly cute kid. :)

I hope you guys are all having a great week.
Lots of Love,
The Boffs


  1. Congrats on being a finalist! That's great! I hope that Santa photos go well, I'm dreading going. We didn't go last year. And your craft table looks like mine!

  2. Well good job, lady, way to put yourself out there! I love that you love Christmas so much! Is that why some of my pictures in some posts have an exclamation and black background?


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