Monday, October 8, 2012

LypSyl Intense Protection LypMoisturizer

Want another product review from my Naturals voxbox, compliments of Influenster?

Too bad. You are getting it anyway! HA!

Seriously though. You guys need this stuff. It is probably my FAVORITE product I received in the box.

Ugh I need to invest in a nose job and some botox. Bleh!  Nah...I'm too cheap.
Also...maybe a brush. Hmm....nah...brushing your hair is so overrated.
I have more important things to do like attempting to go to the bathroom alone.

So I've used a lot of chapstick. I have a lot of favorites. This however...this is my new favorite. 

Again, I am given these products complimentary of Influenster. I am not compensated in any shape or form for my posts or opinions. 
So LypSyl Intense Protection LypMoisturizer is made from pure swedish beeswax,organic shea butter, and lots of other GREAT natural things. . I don't know know what's so special about Swedish bees and their wax, but I LIKE IT! :) This stuff goes on so smooth and lasts for hours on end. While it does last, I'll be honest and say, I keep reapplying it because I love the way it feels!!!  It's a nice cool minty sensastion and it's not greasy and goopy at all.  

The packaging itself is nice as well. It's a bit larger than most chap sticks  but still small enough to throw in your pocket. My only thing I didn't like about this particular chap stick is that it didn't have SPF in it. However, don't worry because they DO carry one that does. I just didn't get it in my box. :(

So what do you guys think?? Are you picky about your chap stick?? Me too. This one, I love.

Disclaimer: I received this product complimentary of Influenster. I did not receive any compensation in any form for this review. All opinion I made up by my big girl self. :)

Lots of Love,
The Boffs

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