Sunday, October 14, 2012

Lots of Cuddles

We woke up at 4 AM Friday AM to Rowyn having a difficult time catching her breath. She had gone to bed the night before with a little cough, and as the night progressed we could tell it was croup. I was a little nervous going to bed (Mommy instincts are nuts!) but Tom assured me we had our trusty Angel Care monitor turned on and it would alarm if something serious was to happen.

Thursday, checking her temperature. She's going to be a nurse like Mommy and Daddy, I think. :)

Sure enough, 4 AM I sat up straight in bed and said "Tom, is she having trouble breathing?!" I didn't wait for an answer. I went to my sweet baby's room and she was standing straight up trying to cry but it was pretty hard. 
This was Thursday. She was feeling crummy then too. :(

The nice thing about Tom & I is we have worked in several code situations together at work. For whatever reason, we make a really good team. Calmly we took her to the bathroom with the shower on so to see if the steam would help. I went and pulled out my old trusty stethoscope and dusted the dust bunnies off, and put it to good use. :) 

This was Friday night.  She was still feeling pretty bad, but her cough was so much better. She looks so pitiful.

She honestly didn't sound too bad, just some stridor, which is that wheezy sound they make with croup but she was working pretty hard. I couldn't even count her heart rate, it was so fast. We both knew the best and safest option was to take her in to our children's hospital. 

I've learned that if you wait until AFTER the scary stuff is over, your family gets really mad at you. :) So they all got a 5 AM text. 

They got her right in, did a chest X-ray (It's really hard not to abbreviate medical lingo. Old habits die hard.), which is pretty crazy for pediatrics. Have ya'll seen that contraption?!?! I felt so bad for her, but luckily the staff was quick and efficient so we got her out of it quick.
Getting ready to be discharged. Smiles McGee.

After a dose of sterioids and a breathing treatment, she was feeling MUCH better. We came home and snuggled all day long. She's still feeling a little puny today, but she's at least playing some and GIGGLING! Man, I've missed her sweet giggles. 
Here she is today!! 
\\She is being pretty sassy today. She still needs lots of mama cuddles, which means nothing is getting done. :) At least today we're eating. She looks skinny to me in her NEW FLUFF from FluffEH diapers. :) I'll do a post on it soon, because we love it. In the mean time, like this sweet mama's page on  Facebook HERE.

Ok, Back to my Cowboys. Here's hoping for a W. Ugh....

Lots of Love,
The Boffs

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