Thursday, October 4, 2012


So you guys know I have been back into exercise routine since the start of the year. I missed it so much while I was pregnant, and it has been great to get back in it! This year I have finished C25K, 30 Day Shred, and Ripped in 30. 

So a few weeks ago I decided I wanted to try out Insanity! It is just that...INSANE! I love it! If you follow me on IG you see my progress posts. I've been exercising regularly for almost a year, and this program is still killer!! I can't wait to see what the next couple of months have in store.

Along with exercise, I also enjoy trying my best to eat cleaner. I always FEEL better when I eat better. Still, there are days when I drag and I wish Starbucks was in my back yard instead of on the corner.  

When I received my Voxbox complimentary of Influenster a few weeks ago, this bad boy was in it. My girl Jillian is the new Chief Energy Officer so I figured it had to be pretty good! :)

EBOOST  is an all-natural energy boost. It contains ingredients like Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Green Tea, Vitamin B-12, and Folic Acid. All I had to do was add this packet to 8 oz of water and VOILA.

To be honest, I read a few reviews before trying it which made me put it off. A lot of people complained about the taste. I wasn't too enthusiastic about gagging through it. Still, for the love of my bloggers I powered through. :) 

This vision did NOT excite me. BLEH.

Bottoms and pinkies UP!

So here's the low down. 

I put off actually drinking this for a while because I was busy looking up all the ingredients. It states to consult your doctor for ALL dietary supplements for pregnant or nursing moms. All of the ingredients are "NATURAL" but it DOES contain glucurnonolactone...caffeine. You want to avoid large amounts of caffeine while pregnant and nursing for obvious reasons. Drink a lot of it and tell me how cranky your  non-sleeping baby is! :) Since Rowyn only nurses 2-3 times a day now, I took it first thing this morning after she had already nursed to be on the safe side. I don't drink a lot of caffeine so when I do, I get that "high." It feels the same way when I get a coffee from Starbucks on the rare occasion. 

It also contains Stevia. They tell pregnant and nursing moms to avoid a LARGE amount of Stevia because it can cause blood sugar and blood pressure issues. Since there isn't a pound of it in the packet, I chanced it. :) However, please talk to your doctor before taking this if you are pregnant or nursing...because I'm not a doctor.

This face is not pretty...I know/ Again...for the love of the blog. HA! So I struggled to finish my 8 oz, but afterwards I did feel like I had a shot of espresso. I'm guessing it was the caffeine since I rarely drink it. So was it the tastiest of all drinks?? No...but there are other flavors I would be willing to try. I felt pretty good ALL DAY! Even at nap time, I didn't feel like actually taking one myself. That was nice because that hasn't happened in 16 months.

So I would definitely be willing to try it again, if I could find them at a good price. On the website they sell a packet of 20 for $28.  I don't think that is bad at all! We all know how cheap I am, and if I don't have a coupon and it's not on's not going to happen. :)

What do you guys think?? Would you want to try it....even though I made that face?? HA!

Disclaimer: Please note I was not compensated in any way for this product. It was given to me complimentary of Influenster to reveiw. All thoughts and pictures are my own. :)

Hope you are all having a great week.

Lots of Love,
The Boffs

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