Monday, August 20, 2012

Menu Monday

BAHHHH! Sass has a stomach bug and I've gotten absolutely NOTHING done since Saturday morning.

So this Menu Monday is a bit scattered. Truth is I'm runnin short on produce already, so I'll probably have to make a produce run. I've got to figure this monthly produce shopping out. Between the milk and the produce, those are my only extra trips.

So this week, we have been sick, my parents are coming in, and we have a garage sale this weekend. I'm wondering if this menu will even stick! :) We'll see. Never the less, here's the plan.

Monday: Pork chops and baked beans (This was kind of last minute thinking this morning, and turned out The Honey had to get it together since I could't even go to the potty alone today. So his one hour he spends with us, he spent it cooking.  Yes, he has a single brother. :)

Tuesday:I'm going to throw together some tortellini and italian sausage. I have some cherry tomatoes, mushrooms, and every kind of onion available. Surely something will come together.

WednesdayEnchilada Lasagna. We've had this before and it is delicious. This is the night my parents are coming in, so it's an easy yummy dish that will make their bellies happy after a long drive.

ThursdayBeef Taquitos. This may change. As of now, this is what's in my head. With some yummy homemade guacamole and salsa. MMmmm.

Friday & Saturday are two day HUGE garage sale. I have a feeling we'll be ordering out or going somewhere.

This isn't the best menu, but again...I've been off my game the last few days with a sick baby girl. This may not even be close to what I post next week! LOL Also, we're going on vacation next week, so we'll be spending the next few days trying to eat whatever we have so it won't go to waste.

Past week's review:
The crockpot BBQ chicken sandwiches with roasted okra....HOLY MOLY! I actually want one right now....SO GOOD!

The Cheesy Wild Rice casserole was equally amazing. It's a big dish, so we're still eating on it. Next time I'll probably freeze half. I'll probably add more chicken too.

The Southwestern Chopped Salad. Salads/veggies and TBoff aren't besties. He eats them because I make thme and he knows he should. Still, this thing was amazing. The dressing makes it. I didn't mix the dressing into the whole thing. I just added it to the individual plate so we could have more salad the next day and it wouldn't be mush. This is also a huge salad. For a family of 2 1/2 we ate on this for 3 days. Day three it wasn't AS good as the first since it wasn't fresh, but still yummy. Now I want it again too.

The Butternut  Squash Lasagna was my bust of the week. We honestly rarely come across recipes we don't like. This one was good, I would just do some tweaking. Next time I'll get a large squash and make two layers instead of just the one. I'll also add a sauce of some kind. The whole reason her version is healthy is because there is no sauce :) Still, it was lacking SOMETHING. This will definitely be one I'll play with, especially if the squash continues to be so cheap at the Farmer's market.

Here's hoping tomorrow is a better day. Sass had some cheerios before bed (the first thing she ate all day, besides a gallon of mama milk.) and she was a new woman AND didn't puke it up. YAY!

The Wild Woman made a brief appearance before she crashed at bedtime. I have missed her! 

Hope you all had a great week! Did your babies start school this week? I'm not going to lie...I'm so glad we're not there yet! I'm going to be such a baby! HA!

Lots of Love,
The Boffs

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