Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Melt Away SMA

See this precious face??

 He has touched TONS of hearts. His family is dear to me already. When he came in to this world and was taken Home quickly after, my love for this family grew even more. Blake's family has been in my life since I was a little girl. Blake's Auntie has been one of my very best dear friends since we were little brats. :)

Circa 1997-98 ish HA!

Aunt Emmy with her Nug Love (Sass) at Christmas
Aunt Emmy literally running her tush off for her nephew. Doesn't she look HAWWWWT???
Blake's Momma, Katheryn,  has the kindest and biggest heart of them all. She was made to be a Momma. Since I've known her, she has ALWAYS wanted to be one...she is an amazing one! When she married her Honey, she was blessed with two bonus kiddos that she loves just like they are her own true blood. Katheryn and Keith tried to have a baby of their own, but after four miscarriages they didn't think it was possible.

When she found out she was pregnant last year, she soon found out her sweet blessing was carrying SMA- Spinal Muscular Atrophy. To be honest, I had no clue what SMA was until Blake's Aunt Emmy told me about it. My other best friend is a NICU nurse and wasn't even sure what all it entailed. It was here we all quickly realized that no too many people have ever heard of a disease that more than 7.5 MILLION Americans are carriers. A disease that affects one in every 6,000 babies born.

Katheryn, Big Brother Brody, and Blake.

SMA  is a motor neuron disease which affects the voluntary muschles that are used for activites such as crawling, walking, head and neck control, and swallowing. SMA  is the #1 genetic killer of children under two. There is currently NO CURE or TREATMENT for SMA. These babies are leaving their momma's loving arms far too early to watch over us all with angel wings. 

Blake is just that. An angel sent by God to open all of our eyes. He was born on March 1st seeming to be beating the odds. He went back to heaven 30 short days later. Blake's family thought that by increasing the awareness of SMA and helping others that have been touched by SMA, maybe they could make a change. So Blake's Journey was born. Blake's Momma, his Kaso, Aunt Emmy, and many others have joined together to spread the word all over the country. 

Blake's Journey

This month, the mayors (I lived in a twin city, where's it's TWICE AS NICE! HA) of my hometown declared August SMA Awareness Month. How amazing is that?!?! Blake's Journey is having a a fundraiser this Saturday, August 18th, 2012 with a couple of icecream and frozen yogurt shops in Texarkana. 15% of all purchases at the local TCBY and Yogurt Your Weight  will go to help fight SMA. So all of my hometown friends and family that follow my blog, GO THIS SATURDAY and help celebrate the life of an amazing angel that has forever touched the hearts of so many people.

If you don't live in my hometown but still want to help please "Like" Blake's Journey on Facebook HERE and contact them about what YOU can do to make a difference. Feel free to contact me above in the "CONTACT US" Tab and I'll be happy to tell you what you can do to help. If you can't make it to TCBY, you can still make at donation!!!


Also, visit Families of SMA to see what amazing feats these families have done to honor their lost angels. Families of SMA is a non-profit organization which has funded and directed over $50 MLLION for leading SMA research programs. They have done some AMZING things with their program. 
My amazing milk donor baby's parents made an awesome donation in exchange for our milk to Blake's Journey. :) They make donations in Blake's name to Families of SMA. 

We sport our Blake's Journey "bling" in our house to show Blake all the good times in Austin. I've had several people ask me about my bracelets. I love being able to share his and his families story to complete strangers. If I have to get the word out one person or blog post at a time, so be it. That's one more person that didn't even know that SMA existed before. 

Blake's parents, Katheryn and Keith are two amazing parents to their precious kids on earth and even their angels in heaven. They are strong for eachother and strong for their loved ones. They are still greiving the loss of their sweet angel, but they are also turning that grief into a positive. They continue to spread the word and hold their heads high in memory of Blake. They are two parents I look up to. I can't imagine losing my child, but the truth is we aren't gaurunteed tomorrow. Hug your babies tight tonight, and help us fight this heartbreaking disease.

"One in 40 may seem like a big number, but it became very small when it touched our family" - Karen, Blake's grandmother. 

Lots of Love,
The Boffs


  1. I can't wait for Saturday. Our Bunco group (Which Kat is apart of) is going as a group to show our support!! Love that little boy and his sweet family!

  2. I would just like to take the time to say thank you for honoring my son with your blog. Thanks for joining our fight and assisting us in spreading the word about this terrible disease. Blake was a blessing in all of our lives as family members, but he has become an angel for us and all that have grown to know his and our story. Once again thanks for all that you are doing to spread awareness and god bless.

  3. Awesome blog post whit! Kathryn and her family are all amazing and I have been following the story of Blake's Journey on Facebook. You are a wonderful friend for helping to spread the word. I never knew about SMA until Blake's Journey either! I can't imagine what Kathryn, Keith and the rest of the family had to go through but I know they are keeping his spirit alive by helping to spread awareness! Great post!


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