Tuesday, August 21, 2012

20 Chore Tuesday

20 chore tuesday

So I actually look forward to Tuesdays. I love laying my head down Tuesday night knowing my house is a little bit cleaner....for about 8 more hours. :)  It's also nice when you have company coming in and you don't have to scrub your house top to bottom. . . doing at least 20 chores once a week, makes the up keep so much easier!  I'm generally cleaning/picking up ALL week, but Tuesday it's serious business!

Today was the first Tuesday since I've been doing this (January) that I actually finished 20 chores before 5 PM. Today I was on a roll!!

I actually went above and beyond and continued on with my list after Miss Sass went to bed. PS. SHE'S BAAAACK! She was back to her sassy wild woman ways today. HALLELUJAH

So my list of 20(that I finished before 5PM!)
  1.  Mow, Weed Eat- Tboff came home after working a 12 hour night shift and did this. He came in and said "I helped! Put that on your list!!" :)
  2.  Clip Coupons
  3. Fold sheets - I HATE FOLDING SHEETS!
  4. Fold and put away towels.
  5. Rowyn laundry
  6. Empty & Load dishwasher
  7. Stuff and put away diapers
  8. scrub kitchen counters
  9. Scrub and wash out trash can - I found some fuzzy random unkown object in a crevice of the trash can the other day. GROSS! It needed a good scrub.
  10. Clean up ribbon stash and put away
  11. Dust guest bedroom
  12. Sweep patio
  13. Sweep porch
  14. Clean stove top
  15. Our laundry
  16. Clean guest BR- It's where I just put stuff I don't know where to put. HA
  17. Scrub top of washer and dryer- I don't know what TBoff does when he does laundry, but there is detergent EVERY WHERE!!!
  18. Wipe down all glass and mirrors
  19. Add new bows to shop
  20. DINNER - It was the tortellini randomness I made tonight. It was alright...

So ready for my parents to be here tomorrow. Also ready to get all this POOP out of my dining room!

If you live in the Austin area, COME BUY OUR CRAP in our garage sale this weekend!!! :)

Also, I listed some new bows in the Shop today! They're pretty sassy! :)

Harvest Corn

As always, linking up with the awesome Emily over at Joyful Abode. Go check out what she and all the other awesome ladies did today! Emily has been busy being super Mom and "growing" her little man. Read her past posts to see how awesome and dedicated she is. She deserves a cape.

Hope you all are having a great week.
Lots of Love,
The Boffs

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  1. Wow, you finished all of that before 5?!? Holy smokes! I'd say, you deserve a cape, too! ;-)


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