Tuesday, August 14, 2012

20 Chore Tuesday

So as I'm writing this, I'm drinking a beer.
It. Has. Been. A. Rough. Day.

 Rowyn woke up at 6:30 AGAIN!

She is super congested in the morning, then as soon as she sits up, it drains and she's fine. 

Yet, this girl. . . the same girl that I could get to sleep until 10 AM if I put her in bed with me and nursed her...yeah she doesn't do that anymore. 

Now she nurses and waves, and giggles and grins. . . it's precious. She just can't go back to sleep anymore. When she's up...she's up. So, 6:30 again, and she's ready to go. Sometimes I can turn on Mickey Mouse or Sesame Street to distract her for a bit so I can snooze (DONT JUDGE ME!) but nope.

Thank goodness Daddy brought us breakfast and me a Starbucks coffee to get me through the day. However, about 4PM that Starbucks was LONG gone and I was wishing Tom had gotten me a bigger one. BAH!

So 6:30 AM AND 20 Chore Tuesday makes for an interesting day in itself, add in a leap, a few molars a sweet baby girl LITERALLY hanging on my leg, and a 30 minute nap. 



I was being tested. Thanks to my amazing Bible study and the girls I do it with, I had them in the back of mind all day long. Without that study and those women, I would have lost my mind and my patience around 12:30 PM when a sweet little girl didn't want to go back down for a nap.

So wether I succesfully completed 20 chores or not today, that itself was a step I don't think I would have made a few months ago, without thinking of my study. :) 


I had a cleaning partner literally attached to my hip at all times so that added 20 lbs made for a GREAT work out in addition to my Ripped this evening! HA!

So here's my list:

Waking up at 6:30 means you get a good jump start on your list. :)

This is all I got done in the 30 minutes Rowyn napped: Swept, mopped, discard expired coupons actually throw them away since Sass wouldn't let me before the  nap,  and cleaned up some papers in the office.

Thanks to the fact she has NEVER napped well, I can do some AMAZING things with 30 minutes. :)
After our nap bomb and lunch, I decided we needed a break and a little fun. So Rowyn and I went to the pool for a bit. Vitamin D makes everyone feel better. :) Also...I was hoping to wear her out and get her to take a late nap so bedtime wasn't a nightmare.

 Too bad so sad.

Still, we powered through thanks to some good jams.

Songs to Raise Your Kids to on Songza has THE greatest playlist!!!

When Rowyn was an itty bitty, we used the vacuum to lull her to sleep when we would have a rough evening. She just got too overstimulated through out the day, and bedtime was ROUGH. The hairdryer and the vacuum were our answered prayers. Well now days, Rowyn thinks the vacuum is HILARIOUS!! She wants to chase it and for it to chase her! She seriously runs around like a wild child. So while entertaining/keeping our mind off how tired we are....we clean too! PAR-TAY! :)

So did I meet my 20?? This post itself is lucky number 20! WHOOP! 

Tomorrow I'll pick up what I didn't finish today.

Did we have a meltdown at bedtime? Yep! Then this...
She was literally snoring...then woke up 30 minutes later. GRR. Thankfully it didn't take much to get her to go back down.


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Hope you have had a less eventful day than I have! Please check back tomorrow.
 I'm posting something that I hold VERY dear to my heart. 
Lots of Love,
The Boffs

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  1. No judgement here! I throw on the PBS when L gets up a little early to catch some extra zzz's but lately she's been poking me going "mama up!" so no rest for the wicked. :)


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