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So life has been crazy and the blog has suffered! I apologize. However, this week I have a ton of reviews lined up to try to get in, so that's my plan. I love reading product reviews, and I love doing them as well. That is one of my favorite things to do on our blog. Try new things out and let you guys know what I think about them.
 Does my opinion matter???
 However, sometimes I can be kind of  funny, so if anything I can bring a little humor to your life. :) 

I don't know about you guys, but I love some vino.  A few times a week when my hellian child goes to bed, I enjoy a glass. 

I also like myself a nice frozen toddy from time to time. Thanks to my BAD MAMMA JAMMA blender my sissy gave me a couple of years ago, it is  now super easy. Seriously, this thing is awesome.

Recently  a friend of  the family gifted me the Mix-It-Up mixer from the awesome ladies at Wine-a-Rita   Knowing how awesome these ladies are personally (they're from my hometown!)  and already knowing I LOVE their Peach Bellini, OF COURSE I had to share with you guys! If you have never heard of Wine-A-Rita or tried their products, I highly recommend them. 

So the idea behind Wine-a-Rita is they have different mixes and you can add any of your favorite white or red wines to it. Add a blender, Add some ice, and TA DAAA....bomb diggity dranks. 

Since we're classy and our kid's first Birthday was a celebration of her life and the fact we somehow kept her a live for a total of 365 days  we of course needed to have a few adult beverages. With 15 kids under the age of 3, WE ALL NEEDED DRINKS.

So we busted out the blender and mixed up a batch of Cosmorita. (Ok so I picked that one because it was pink and I wanted it to go with the theme. I have control issues.) Anyway, we mixed with 12 oz chardonnay and

...lots of happy adults while the kids go crazy. Seriously, the house looked like a tornado blew through it, but thanks to a few adult beverages no one seemed to mind. 

Tom recently had a few days off so we spent some time at the pool. Tom and I  decided a nice cool frozen toddy would be awesome for a family swim. This time we tried  the Berry Pom-A-Rita. This one is mixed with a red wine (I feel naked if I don't have Cupcake's Cab sitting in my kitchen at all times so Cupcake it is.) and it turned out soooooo good. This actually comes in close with my favorite the Peach Bellini mixed with champagne. 

The nice thing about these mixes is that everyone can enjoy them. If you don't have wine drinkers around, the CosmoRita and Senorita can be mixed with liquor like Vodka or Tequila. If you don't drink alcohol or you need a fancy drink for a baby shower, all of the mixes have a alcohol free recipe. Most of which use Ginger Ale or Cranberry juice. To be honest, you could play and try some different options. Each mix has about 5 servings per flavor that total up to 120 calories per serving. That's pretty awesome! 

They also have a Skinny Senorita that is a low cal, low carb, sugar free option.
Skinny Senorita

Even Rowyn enjoyed a little drank!

Don't you be stealing my wine-a-rita!

Disclaimer: There was no alcohol administered to drunken babies.  Just an empty SOLO cup. :) 

Go check out the fabulous Wine-a-Rita ladies'  Facebook Page here or their website HERE to see ALL of their awesome products. They make great ideas for the holidays or even hostess gifts.

I hope you all have been having a great summer. We have been up to our ears in busy! :) It's been a little crazy. 

Lots of Love,
The Boffs

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