Tuesday, July 31, 2012

20 Chore Tuesday

 Today I'm linking up with one of my favorite bloggers AND  posting about one of my FAVORITE things I use on an almost DAILY basis.

The Cozi App! 

It's an iPhone and Android App, but you can also check out their website HERE

If you don't have it, and you love to make lists and CROSS things off, get it. It's free. It's easy! My favorite part?? You can share it with anyone in your house that you want to see the said lists AHEM TBOFF. :) So when they ask what you did today, they can see EXACTLY what you did.  :)

Yesterday I mentioned an IG friend of mine, Beth. She made THIS super cute tutorial that I'm currently working on my own version of. She also has twin boys that are Rowyn's age. THEY. ARE. ADORABLE.  Also....they are a handful. So what does this super Mom do but create a little tag on IG coined 20 Chore Tuesday.  So getting 20 chores done with not one, but TWO mobile munchkins was pretty inspiring. Several of us made a list and would check in through out the day with our progress. Well another favorite IG/blogger Mama of mine has decided to do a weekly blog post about it. If you don't follow Emily at Joyful Abode, GO! She has amazing recipes, awesome reviews, adorable children, and she's just awesome..k? k. Any who. So here it is! 

20 chore tuesday
Here are my Cozi lists. 
There is something in our fridge that STINKS and we can NOT figure out what it is!!! LOL

I also tend to add things as I go. Every time I think "Gosh! I don't think I have 20 things I need to do!" By the end of the day my list has doubled and I save it for the next week. :)
 I rarely complete the ENTIRE list. However, I usually list more than 20 things. As long as I get close to or around 20 things checked off, I'm pretty stoked. 

I will say, Sass is being a little extra needy today so we're taking turns getting cuddles and playing and then she's "helping" mama get some stuff done. With it being half way through the day, I can say I'm pretty happy with my progress. Some 20 Chore Tuesdays I get nothing done before Sass's bedtime. I'm usually pretty amazed at what can happen in a few a hours without two pudgy arms wrapped around my legs at all times. 

So, what do you think?? Want to try it out?? : ) I promise it feels pretty awesome when you start checking things off your list!! 
COME ON! DO IT! Do it... Do it now. 
(Yes I always feel the need to insert some line from a movie or show, generally Friends, in most of my posts.) 

Head on over to Joyful Abode and link up. 

Hope your Tuesday is as productive as you want it to be. :)
Lots of Love,
The Boffs

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  1. Thanks so much for joining in the first link-up! I'm so glad you finally figured out what was stinking. I think that was the most important "to do" on your list!


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