Monday, May 7, 2012

It's Amazing Having My Family Back

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TBoff will we be done with his Master's program in June. He finished his clinical rounds two weeks ago. Do you know what it's like to cram everything you can into two days together?!?!


I know some of you are thinking, "Most people only have Saturday & Sunday off. . . that's two days."

Yes, most people do get the weekends off, but also most people get off work at 3-5 PM. So they get to spend the evening together.

In our house, TBoff works 12 & 16 hr shifts. 
Night shifts. 

So he sleeps all day, wakes up at 4PM to get ready for work, leaves for work at 5:30PM. He works all night and comes home around 8 AM on 12 hour shift days, and around noon on 16 hr shift days. 

Then he goes back to sleep. 

So on a typical day we see him maybe an hour and a half or two. 

That's it.

So for 3-5 days out of the week I am a single SAHM.

All. By. My. Lonesome. 

No breaks.
 No pottying alone. 
No one to get my hilariously funny jokes. 

Just us girls. :)

Some days are TOUGH.

Some days, as long as we aren't going to the ER, anything goes. :)

Note: I don't recommend leaving your kid in the dirty clothes hamper unattended. I do recommend putting them in there if they are crying because they can't get in it, to keep your sanity,  and if you need a good photo op. :) 

Any who, the point is, TBoff is back! I can handle being a single parent 3 days a week, but 5 days is rough. Plus the two days we have him he is SO exhausted from switching back and forth from days and nights, he's miserable. :(

Now he has a day to adjust and to PLAY! 

Last week we got some flowers for the yard and planted them! There was a major drought last summer. So no water and a newborn means this year our lawn is so so so dead. I figured the flower beds would help give it a little lift. Today we're having our sprinkler system put in. We are pretty excited!! It may not help immediately, but hopefully until next year or if we decide to sell the house. . . people will look past the dead grass. :)

Giving us the  stink eye at Lowe's

We kept talking about going to the Austin Zoo, and got up and went one day. It was pretty fun, and I loving doing things randomly without plans. After being in the hot sun, we went to get a sno ball at an incredible sno ball stand here in Austin. TBoff still isn't too sure about the different between a sno cone and a sno ball. . . but I keep telling him there is!


A peacock

These guys weren't afraid of us AT ALL. 

Sass's friend. He kept trying to get to her feet.

Our neighborhood pool also opened this weekend so we go to enjoy that with Sass. We need to get her a floatie. Do you guys have one you really like using with your  littlie bitty munchkins??

So we have just been soaking up the family life lately. It's so fun to look at each other at the end of a day and go

Keep us in your prayers. Hopefully around  June, when Tom gets out of school a  new plan can be set in motion for us Boffs. If not, we're willing to be patient. God has his plan for us. We'll find out about it soon enough. 

I hope you guys had a great weekend. Did you see our giveaway I posted about HERE.  I'm pretty excited about. It being my first, I expect a few kinks. Hopefully we will work them all out before the next one comes around.

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Lots of Love,
The Boffs

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  1. I'm so happy for you! I definitely know how you feel. Ben doesn't work nights but he is basically home for about and hour- hour and a half during the week. But it is in the evening so that's definitely more help for me than you get. The days do get long! I am so happy you and your family had such a great weekend. It is so refreshing and when you have no time together, ANY amount of normal time feels SO great!


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