Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day Willis

 It is rare for me (tboff) to post on the tboff & Willis blog, but a surprise blog post is always fun isn't it?? 
I consider myself a pretty lucky person.  Some how, just over two years ago now, I was able to convince Willis to marry me
Perhaps maybe more surprising was the fact that she married me despite the faces I sometimes give her:
She may not always be a fan of my decidedly awesome beard, or my smile for that matter, but our wedding day was truly one of the happiest days in our life together...

Luckily for me, every day with her since has been better than the last.  Today we celebrate Mother's Day.  While today won't be a traditional celebration for us since I have to work tonight, I thought I'd make a little post.

I am more and more amazed at the mother that Willis has become each and every day.  Despite this being our first kid, Willis is a natural born mother.  Every day she gives every ounce of herself to Ro, going to every length possible to ensure she is happy. 
Including making silly faces
Or putting Ro in the clothes hamper.
I am incredibly blessed and lucky to have found a best friend, who became my wife, and gave birth to this amazing girl.  Our "crunchy" lifestyle of cloth diapers, baby led weaning, running around the house naked, and much more is well documented through the blog. 
Willis did the leg work on the cloth diapers and BLW.  I was admittedly skeptical at first, but the amount of research she did, in addition to her confidence (real or faked, ha ha), got me on board and we have loved every moment since.  I particularly have loved the baby led weaning.  It is so fun for us to order food off the kids menu at restaurants or give Ro anything we cook at home and watch her destroy it!
I honestly do not know where I would be these days without these two in my life.  I am a better person because of these two, especially because of Willis.  My tendencies have always been a little Type 'A'/OCD...  Its almost surreal to have a kid cooler than I am.
Either way, I have always been the one to think things out, plan every detail, stay organized, and ask admittedly waaaay too many questions.  Willis has been my complete balance for all of my crazy
Willis' hippy-flower-child attitude/lifestyle, spontaneity, and overall silliness balances me out day in and day out. 
She makes me a better person.  On top of all the overwhelming amount of work it takes to dial down my crazy, she still finds the time to be an amazing mom.  One day out of the year to celebrate the work that all moms do is certainly not enough.  I don't think it was ever in the plans initially for Willis to be a stay at home mom.  Circumstances with my school and work schedule unfortunately dictated that.  It hasn't been easy, but Willis does an amazing job.  Being a stay at home mom is no easy task.  There are even aps available for the iPhone dedicated to what the pay would be for a stay at home mom if they were paid like an office type job... that pay can be over six figures! That is way more work than I do!  Because of her dedication to our family, we have been blessed with this amazing daughter
 Its hard work. Each week we try to dedicate time to each other and to our family. We go out and explore the Austin/Cedar Park/Leander area.  We try new restaurants and recipes.  We go to church. We eat together as a family. We go on family walks. We do bath time and bed time together, as a family.  Some times I sit and look at my life with amazement. My job doesn't truly matter, my grades in school don't truly matter... in fact, nothing except my family truly matters these days.  
"Home is wherever I'm with you"
I am blessed to have a wife that surprises me with a painting expressing how much she cares about me. 
I am blessed that my wife, my best friend, and the mother to my daughter was raised by amazing parents.  We both credit a lot of where we came from to the work that our parents did.  A special shout out to my mom and to Willis' mom.  I hope you both have an amazing Mother's Day and know what a great job that you have done.  Only this crazy group of people could be our family.

To Willis, I love you. You are an amazing mom. Happy Mother's Day 

Hope everyone has a good week, tboff
Happy Mother's Day mom!

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