Saturday, May 5, 2012

Fuzzibunz Elite Giveaway

I'm pretty stoked to be doing our first giveaway. The Honey and I are sponsoring it with our own hard earned money. I love entering giveaways, and I love winning them even more. :) 

I figured what way to show my love for you guys but to giveaway one of my VERY favorite diapers in my stash. We are giving away ONE  Fuzzibunz Elite One Size pocket diaper to ONE lucky winner.

I have done a review on them before HERE, but I figured I would do an updated one.

So the majority of my Fuzzibunz stash are the one size pockets, because when we ordered, the Elite's weren't being sold yet.  I'm pretty sure the next month they were. :)

The difference between the two?? Well first off the hip snaps are a little different which I like. Hip snaps confuse The Honey. :)  They are in STRAIGHT row which I think helps not squeeze her chunky thigh but still fits just right. The minky insert is sooooooooo soft. So soft I kind of want to wear it on my butt.
No seriously.
Finally the sizing buttons are now on the INSIDE of the fleece  instead of against baby's skin. Not that the buttons ever really made red marks, its just nice to know that it isn't rubbing against her chunky legs.

So all the above, are reasons why I do love the Elites. My only negative remarks are to all Fuzzibunz diapers in general.

First, the sizing was so confusing to me at first. I had to look up a YouTube video to figure out what "above"the number and "below" the number technically meant depending on how you looked at the diaper. Once I watched the video, I was golden. . .Still, I know I am blonde, but I did save lives at my previous job.:)

Secondly, I wish FB would change the elastic on their diapers, just so it was a tad bit thicker or laid flat. If the sizing isn't just right or you you will have some red marks. The red marks aren't anything I don't see with any other diaper, it's just that I think this one is an easy fix.

Note: All opinions in this review are 100%  mine, made by 100% of my big girl self. No one payed me the big bucks to write this review, nor did anyone offer any compensation of ANY kind. This is just little 'ol me writing about the things I love and giving something away out of the goodness of my heart. :)

So there you have it, one of my favorite diapers, and we are giving it AWAY! It's a one size pocket Elite in Mint.  Enter into Rafflecopter below for a chance to win.


a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. If i could have any diaper it would be the itti bitti d'lish. They are so trim and i love the minky outer.

  2. I know I've already told you, but I love Fuzzibunz. Great giveaway Whit! I ave something funto giveaway soon, too! :)

  3. I have heard nothing but great things about Rumparooz and their double gussets but I haven't brought myself to buy any yet because they're so expensive!

  4. I am pregnant with my third and am going to start cding for the first time! I have no idea which diapers I would like best, but I want to try them all! I even have a friend making diapers for me.

  5. We're thinking of switching our 8-month old to cd (as soon as we finish up the 2 boxes of disposables we have!). I've been blog-stalking all the mom's that already cd and it looks SO easy! Just need to start getting the supplies!

  6. Right now our favorites are the BumGenius Elementals, (I want an Albert so bad!), but we're having fun trying out all different kinds. We have 5 of the old FuzziBunz, but haven't tried the Elites, I'm intrigued by the different hip snaps and the minky insert!

  7. If I could have ANY diaper I think I would want to try a BumGenius Freetime! The only "true" all-in-ones I've tried took forever to dry, but these are supposed to be a little better. I think if I won the lottery, a whole stash of quick-drying AIOs would be high on the list of necessary purchases...

  8. To be honest, I have no idea which diaper I would choose. I'm very interested in learning more and would love to give this diaper a try!

  9. I really like my BG Elementals and GroVia AIOs.

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  11. I have heard such great things about BG (no experience using them yet, due in August!) I would put them as my #1.

  12. I don't really know which diaper I'd use if I could have any one! I have a few BumGenius pockets, but I'm just getting into it and looking for all different types to try :)

  13. EEEEK, I hope ellie wins this because girlfrand has never used a cloth diaper! never! she deserves to try it to see if we want to make the transitions! :D

    1. ...........and also, it would be to win THIS diaper - that's which one! (duh!)

  14. I do not have any experience with them yet because we havent had our baby yet but I had heard great things about fuzzibunz and BumGenius.

  15. If I could have one diaper I would want a high quality AIO like the itti bitti d'lish or Bum Genius Elemental


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