Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Can We Start the Day Over??

Ever have one of those days, that no matter what. . . 
everything seems to go wrong??? 
 Or a project that you just can't seem to finish because something keeps happening at every turn?!?! 
Rowyn says "Here, Mama. We're having a bad day! Let make some Ritas to turn it all around!" :)
Note:There were no drunk babies in the making of this post. :)

 Yeah, yesterday was one of those days for us.

 We woke up at 6:30 (I REALLY REALLY TOOK 8 AM FOR GRANTED THESE LAST 10 MONTHS!). I  woke up panicked that her birthday invites were not mailed out yet. It literally was the first thing that came to my mind when I opened my eyes. So I attempted to do some photo shop handy work myself.  I failed miserably at photoshop after working on it ALL DAY, so my fabulous BIL came to the rescue. Nevermind that he made me FOUR different options in FIVE minutes.

 Too bad you are all the way in Chicago, Jake. You almost got a couple of kicks in the shins for that. :)

Ro took a 20 minute nap. 

20 minutes. 

I boldly took my fussy 20 minute napper to Target to pick up:

1) About 10 items I forgot on our grocery LIST for last nights dinner. I mean seriously, that's why I make a list!!!! I can NOT go to the grocery without forgetting SOMETHING! It irritates me soooooo bad makes TBoff laugh.

2)My sad attempt at a Photoshop "rough draft" invite.  To which the photo system was down, AFTER they emailed me to say my prints were ready. I guess it's a good thing, since that AWESOME BIL saved the day.

3)Went to pick up a prescription and was told my credit card was "unable to make a transaction". 
Not denied. 
On hold.

Yeah, someone tried to spend $600 on some random poop on the internet yesterday with our credit card. Why? Because there are some BAD people in this world that try to steal money from hard working families. Not to mention this is the SECOND time this has happened in a few months. Good thing our credit card company is on top of their stuff!!! Now if we could figure out why it keeps happening. Still, we're without a credit card for a few days which is annoying but no big deal.

Excuse my make up less face and those bags under my eyes. Even on bad days, we have lots of fun. Just a little "dress up" before bed. 

Today doesn't seem to be going much better. Someone woke up at 5:30 SCREAMING her face off. After we both shed a few tears for an hour, we finally fell back asleep. By finally I mean her immediately, and then me half an hour later. I'm one of those people that as soon as I'm awake...I'm AWAKE, and it takes me FOREVER to fall back to sleep. GRR. 

So yeah, as soon as I fell back asleep. She woke back up. :) Thank goodness a sweet certain someone brought me a GRANDE Starbucks White Chocolate Mocha with a pump of Rasberry. :) If I can't sleep tonight, we'll blame that sweet certain someone. 

I'm not sure what wrong with my sweet girl, but I'm thinking it may be MORE teeth. I was thinking "Surely NOT!" but the way she's acting and waking up screaming like she did makes me think so. 


Come on baltic amber. . . Mama needs you to work extra right about now. 

Here's hoping the rest of the week starts looking up. A rough few days or not, I try my best to remember all the reasons why I am so so blessed. 
Then I start giggling at absolutely everything that continues to go wrong. 
Thank God for a sense of humor after the fact that I cried at 6AM along with my baby.
I did get SOME giggles out of her yesterday. :) LOOK AT ALL THOSE TEETH! 

What do you guys do when you are having an exceptionally rough day or two??? Hide under the covers and wait to wake up tomorrow?? Or face it head on like a beast?!?!

Hope you are having a better week than we are!
Lots of Love,
The Boffs

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  1. I guess I just try to focus on the positives. But sometimes when nothing seems to be going right, that is really, really hard to do! Here's to hoping your day is better tomorrow--hang in there, lady!


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