Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Boba how I love thee...let me count the ways.

So I'm the type of person that if I have a booger in my nose, or something in my teeth . . . I really want you to tell me.
 I don't care if you are a complete stranger.
 Please tell me. 

So when I made this post HERE, and soon after learned that this type of carrier may not be the greatest thing for you OR  especially baby, I thought 

"OH MY GOSH! I just did that post, and NO ONE told me I was doing it WRONG! WHY WOULDN'T SOMEONE TELL ME?!?!" 
Probably because you have all been first time parents, and know what it feels like to have someone stick their nose in places  :)

After a while, I realized, of course I wasn't doing it wrong. My first time parenting issues were obviously in full force then. All  this was, was a case of evolution of baby products. :) While forward facing carriers have been around for a while, with time, research is finding that they probably aren't the best thing for your munchkins. I will say, when you have a fussy itty bitt, and you have nothing else in your bag of tricks, you gotta do what you gotta do.
No one will hold it against you...if they do, next time they are walking around with something in their teeth, just don't tell them. :)

Ro loves napping in the Boba. 

Any way, as soon as I learned that there were better options for wearing Miss Sass, I started doing my research. I've mentioned before that Lori, at The Gnome's Mom is one of my favorite bloggers. I promise I am not a stalker, she is just that awesome. Well she was one of the biggest influences in my choice to invest in a Boba 3G.  She's actually a Boba Ambassador, which I'm not going to lie...is awesome to m e. She has a few posts and videos on her blog that as soon as I watched, she sold me. She made the back carry look as simple as picking your nose because someone told you, you had a booger. She made me feel confident in nursing in public, because you really can't tell what you are doing in the Boba unless someone intentionally looks. I couldn't wait to get one.

We have had our Boba 3G for about 6 months now. Putting the carrier on and getting Sass comfortably in it takes 60seconds....tops. She is cozy, I can see her, and neither one of us  are harming our hips or our backs. I've never worn the Boba for longer than an hour or two. Usually just around the house to get a few things done, or making a trip to the grocery store. I mentioned my trip to the vet recently in Sass's monthly post HERE

This weekend I put our Boba to the test. I mentioned in my last post HERE that we strolled around downtown all afternoon. From 1:30 to almost 6PM, Sass was in the Boba. We took her out a few times to stretch when we sat to have a drink and listen to music, otherwise that little trooper just cruised with the girls.
 All. Day. Long. 
It was awesome. 

That's right: A babywearing, beer drankin' crunchy Mama. It doesn't get much better than that! :)

I have to tell you my "Super Crunchy Mom" moment. It was getting to be about time when Sass normally eats, and she seemed to be a little cranky. I knew what she wanted.  I got the Boba adjusted as needed, she started nursing no problem, and of course we were shopping. We found a cute boutique we wanted to go in. Plus it was nice and cool. I kept shopping, Rowyn kept eating. Two of the sales ladies came up to me to see the cute Sassy baby of course, and both said "OH! THAT IS SO AWESOME!!" One apologized, to which I laughed and said "Obviously I don't care, I'm doing it in your store!"  The "bar" is always open! :) Both of these girls were in their twenties and neither one of them gave me a face of disgust. Neither one of them made me feel like a leper. They both made me feel like SUPER MOM! It was a pretty proud moment. It gave me hope that just maybe breast feeding awareness is getting around. I know I live in a super liberal city, but still. . . There is hope! It does have a SLEEP HOOD tucked in the front zipper that you can use to cover up if you needed to, but I figured "Go big or go home!"

So I can't say enough amazing things about the Boba. It's comfortable. It's incredibly simple to put on. It has some super awesome prints.
 (We have the Soho. I had a hard time picking! They are all so cute!)

And most importantly it lets me be "there" for my daughter. I can guarantee you, if Sass seems to need a little extra cuddling, I put that bad boy on and we go on about our day and have all the extra cuddles we need. It makes us both happy. 

I know there are so many carriers out there, and I know so many people that love them all for different reasons. This girl right here, loves her Boba and this is why. 

If you ever have a question or just want to show Boba some love, follow them on Twitter here. They are absolutely awesome. Their story on how the Boba Family got started can be found here. Go to their website and take a look around. They have several great posts on the benefits of baby wearing, why forward facing carriers aren't the greatest, and  lots of other testimonials.  Also feel free to contact Mrs. Boba Ambassador herself over at The Gnome's Mom.

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  1. You are SO awesome!We, too, started out with a Bjorn and I liked it for a bit but then soon started researching others and we ended up with an Ergo. I love and Eleanor really loves it! Lately she is just such a happy camper if I put her in it and I love it for the same reason you do, just being able to have her close if that's what she needs! Now I need to learn how to nurse with it on. I love that the girls didn't make you feel weird for doing that! You go, granola mom! ;)


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