Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Am I good enough??

I think I have made it very apparent in many posts my love for God. I don't think it's fair to rub it in anyone's face my love for Him, but it's pretty awesome. :) I'm not here to rub my belifs in your face, I'm just here to tell you about an important part of our life. That's what this little blog is about.

 Our life.

I told my friend, Dan, something this weekend.

"Before Tom, I never felt this spiritual. This is the closest I have EVER felt to God."

When Tom & I met, I knew how important God and church were to him. When we first started dating, the first time I got in his car he had a Christian radio station playing. My first thoughts, "Oh crap. He wants to date a girl like me?!?!?!?!" I can't lie. I was intimidated. I thought he had the wrong girl.

Since I had moved to Austin, I hadn't bothered looking for a church home nor had I gone to visit one. Tom had not missed one single mass since he had moved.

Again, I was intimidated.

As with any relationship, you know if it's going to be long term, then having the religion discussion is a must. We knew we loved each other. When marriage began to be pretty obvious where our lives were headed, we knew we had to have "the talk." It was hard. He was so strong in his faith. I  struggled with mine. Would I be good enough??? I couldn't move on from my church I grew up in. It was scary. After we got engaged, after many many heart wrenching discussions we decided to find a church home together.

We visited several churches. My biggest worry was that Tom was willing to come from the Catholic church to the Methodist and I wanted him to be comfortable. I wanted it to feel right to us both as a couple. We wanted it to be a place we could see raising a family. A place where we grew as a family.

The moment we walked into our current church I just knew. 

We knew. 

I don't leave a service without getting emotional. I don't sing a song that I don't sing with all of my heart. I don't whisper a prayer without holding tight to my husband's hand knowing we're in it together.  

We regularly attend church. We bring Rowyn with us. We center ourselves around God's love, in turn it makes our love grow. When my heart is heavy, we go worship.  I leave those doors feeling light as a feather.  

 It feels amazing.

I feel like I owe this new found love for God to Tom. God put this man in my life for a reason, and I thank Him every single day. 

I am truly blessed.

I'm linking up tonight with  Women Living Well ministries. I'm currently in an online women's  bible study lead by The Good Morning Girls. Just a few days in, I have enjoyed it SO MUCH!

I hope you all have a great week. I'm going to enjoy my family before birthday festivities make me go nutty. 

Lots of Love,
The Boffs


  1. Awesome post Whitney!!! I just loved it!

  2. Great post! Stopping by from the Living Well link party, new follower, it is great to read about how God works in others lives!


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