Sunday, May 27, 2012

12 months of Sass

So here we are. . . one year later.

It seriously doesn't seem like a year. It has FLOWN.

This month Miss Sass is a crawling, pulling up, and CRUISING queen. She just started the cruising thing last week and this week she's been free standing (not holding on to a thing!) We try to get her to hold our hands and walk, but she's not a fan. So I think once she's mastered the cruising thing, then maybe she'll be ready.  She's also a fan of climbing on and over things. She thinks the dishwasher door is AWESOME to climb on. AGH!

She is saying "Bye Bye", "All Done." "Hello"  "Mama", and Daddy sounds a lot like "PaPa" but occasionally we'll get a "DaDa" The last few days we've also said "Baby" and some new word she says over and over that I THINK may be "No." :)
She talks from sun up to sun down. She woke me up the other morning saying "All Done. All Done. All Done" over and over until I came into her room to get her.
So. Stinking. Precious.

We are still signing a lot. A few new ones we are trying to master like "Milk", "Night Night", "Strawberry", and "Water" A few of those we've been using for a long time, they're just not very easy. She doesn't always sign them, but does respond to them.

We nap for a couple of an hours a day, and sleep 10-12 hrs at night.

She has a mouth full of teeth that she LOVES to grind. IT DRIVES US NUTTY!

She loves to make animal noises and for us to do the same. She likes to pretend to talk on the phone too. IT IS HILARIOUS!

She recently has become VERY affectionate. She gives the BEST kisses and hugs. She will randomly come up to me and lay her head in my lap, or put her hands up for me to hold her. She'll put her head on my shoulder and we both say "AWWWW":) Then she's usually happy and goes on about her 

 I. Die.

We just love her so much. We are better people because of her. We are better spouses. We are better parents. She just makes us feel like the luckiest parents in the world.

We love you so much, Sassy Pants.

Lots of Love,
The Boffs

* I didn't do products this time, because honestly I don't really have any new loves or hates. :) If I think of some along the way I'll make sure to share!


  1. Love love love this. Happy birthday Miss Ro!

  2. Happy birthday, beautiful girl! I can't believe she is ONE!

  3. So precious! Rowyn has a ton of personality, which has been modeled for her by her very fun mommy! Love you! ReNee


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