Friday, May 4, 2012

11 Months of Sass

Miss Sassifrass turned 11 months old last Thursday. 

One more month before the big "ONE"

Every day Tom asks her, "Did you get cuter today???" 
and every single day it's obvious she has. 
Maybe we're a little biased. 
Only a little. 

This month we have mastered crawling and pulling up. We even figured out how to climb on top of the dishwasher door when it's open. :)  She's a wild woman. We haven't started cruising, but I'm sure it won't be long. She has attempted to stand without support several times.


Our "Rowyn" cabinet. This occupies her while we cook dinner. Thank you Tupperware! 

This month we said our first intentional word. "Bye" and sometimes a "Bye Bye" No matter what, if I'm on the phone the whole time she's saying, "Bye" We also say "All Done" in  Rowyn slang, but we know what she is saying. 

This month we  learned the sign for "Book" which means we have read A LOT of books. The signs we have mastered are "more", "all done", "book", and then of course we have "Hi" & "Bye" 

"More" food, PLEASE!
With this last leap she dropped an hour of sleep, so waking up an hour or so earlier has been a little rough on Mom & Dad, but we'll cope. The cat naps are still around, but a few times a week we will get one long one in. 

This month we got FIVE new teeth.
It's been no fun, but we're finally feeling a little better. Those stinky teeth are just annoying! We now have a total of 8!! 

Her "I'm over this teething crap" face.

Some of our favorite things right now are blueberries, raspberries, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, reading, Miller, being outside, and anything we aren't supposed to be doing.:)

Our Favorite Products this month:

Mesh Feeder for Teething.

We used it a little bit before we started BLW,and then it sat in a drawer forever. We recently discovered that if we put some ice cubes in it for her to chew on, it makes her gums feel pretty good.

Sandra Boynton Books

and anything we can make animal noises to.

We have several, but our all time favorite is 'Moo, Baa, La La La'  Apparently this book is a big hit with most kiddos.Rowyn loves anything that makes animal noises. She can pant like Miller, 'moo" like a cow, and 'meow' like a Cat. Of course it doesn't sound exactly the same, but it's close enough.  It's pretty cute.


Boon feeding products.
We especially love their utensils. They are small enough for Rowyn to manipulate comfortably. She is currently wanting to feed herself more, so these make it easier  just as messy.

Boba 3G

I haven't done my post on this yet, and I keep meaning to. If you guys what a reccomendation on a good carrier, I can say this is mine! WE LOVE OURS. Last week I had to take Miller AND Rowyn to the vet. Anyone knows taking a pet to the vet is a bit nerve racking. Taking a 67lb labrador (She has gained 7 lbs in 6 months thanks to BLW! BAHAHA) AND a mobile baby  to the vet IS NOT my idea of a good time. . . My Boba made it possible and comfortable.  Plus, anytime I wear it, someone always asks me about it. Every time I say, "WE love it."

This is an older pic, so I obviously don't take enough pictures in the Boba. I'll do better so I can do a post soon.

Products we don't love:

I can't think of any this month. . . I'm sure I'll think of something when I post this. :)

Hope you all had a great week! We went to the Austin Zoo today!! It wasn't the greatest Zoo in the world, but it was a lot of fun! Rowyn seemed to really enjoy it.
Have a great weekend!
Lots of Love,
The Boffs


  1. She is adorable!!!

    I love the updates!

    Amanda Shifman

  2. I'm ready to read your review/post about the Boba. I'm trying to decide between it and the Beco Gemini. Any insight would be great!!

  3. I can't believe how big she is getting! I love watching her grow :)
    She's adorable, Whitney!


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