Sunday, April 15, 2012

See these two love birds. They are my super cute parents . . . and super hot hubby. :)

Guess how long they have been married??

34 years! WOWSA!! 

They don't look old enough to make that possible do they??? 

It's because they started young, when most people said it wouldn't last.

Guess who they proved wrong??

I am extremely lucky to call these two not only my parents, but my best friends. I know my little family of three can go to them for anything. 

These two have shown my sister and I what it means to love, work hard for a marriage, and how "family" is supposed to work. I am lucky enough to also be able to have married into a family with the same values.

That's incredible. Here's hoping we can break their record! :)

The Boffs

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