Friday, April 27, 2012

New Look

Well, what do you guys think of our face lift? 

I've been working on it for several days, and I finally was happy enough with it to post. I'm not genius with a computer, but give me enough time and alcohol, I'll EVENTUALLY figure it out.

We have had Photoshop on our computer for over a year, and I'm still teaching myself to use it. I know I could buy a book to probably teach me faster, but I enjoy reading GOOD books. :)

I had to change the font so everyone could read it, especially those with "old" eyes. :) I think I like this one better anyway. What else do you think I could do to improve this page??

I had mentioned before I wanted our little blog to "grow." We now have our own Google+ and Twitter accounts. Follow us by clicking to the links on the right sidebar. Now we even have our own Facebook account here. Feel free to like us and share us on your page! :) 

What about blog topics?? Ever since I started cloth diapering posts, those seem to have been a big hit. I will continue to do those. I've had a couple of give ways lined out for a while, but being Mommy comes first and sometimes time gets away from me I forget things way too easily these days. I'll promise I'll do those soon. Anything else you would like to hear more about??

We're back in my home town for the weekend for my childhood best friend's wedding. We've been best friends since we were THREE years old. So I'm pretty excited. We're going to have to juggle a tiny 11 month old, however. She's still refusing a bottle after we tried a few times this week. She's likes it straight from the tap. I can't really say that I mind, because I love that she enjoys nursing as much as I do. . . just makes getting away before bedtime a  bit difficult. :)

I hope you all have a great weekend.
Lots of Love,
The Boffs

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  1. Cute! I feel like I struggle with blog topics too because it seems like my life is just, you know, day to day taking care of a baby, but I feel like when I read that on others' blogs, it's interesting. But when I try to write about my life, it sounds boring. LoL. Anyway, I enjoy anything you write about. Maybe a "Typical Day in the Life post" with you and Rowyn?

    Happy Friday!


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