Sunday, April 1, 2012

I'm the Queen of stripping!!!!

. . .diapers that is!

If I was the queen of stripping (not diapers) I'd probably use all that money to PAY someone to do my diaper laundry after all of this. :) However, I would totally still use cloth.

I had been warned before I started this that sometimes when you think you have got it down, it blows up in your face and  it takes a lot of trials before you get it all right.

So in the last few months I have definitely been tested in our cloth diaper world, but I'm proud to say that today I sniffed every single one of my diapers AND their inserts and they smell FABULOUS!! 

I can't remember the last time I smelt them and didn't draw back thinking, "Hmmm maybe that's how they are supposed to smell after this long."

Wednesday afternoon, right before Rowyn's afternoon nap, she started screaming. . . SCREAMING and I could not console her. She wouldn't nurse, I couldn't distract her, and the old trusty sound machine just made her mad. After 30 minutes of hysterical Rowyn and Mommy (that is the worst feeling not knowing what to do!), some Tylenol, and A LOT of snuggles she finally passed out. She slept for an hour in my arms. I didn't want to put her down, I just wanted to hold her forever until whatever was bothering her went away. When she woke up she was still a bit fussy.

I changed her diaper like I always do after naps and OH MY GOSH. . . talk about ouch! THE WHOLE ENTIRE diaper area was a bad sunburn red. She had pooped so I was wiping her with my uber soft cloth wipes and she was cringing and shaking it hurt so bad. I felt terrible. 

Obviously this was why she was screaming. So I let her air out the rest of the evening, I put some coconut oil on it, and figured by the next morning it would be gone. Whenever she gets a little rash, it's always gone in a few hours. Coconut oil is a natural anti-fungal and my worst fear was a yeast infection. 

To be safe I put her in an SBISH before bed, so she could get a little air instead of the micro suede from a stuffed BG 4.0 over night.  The SBISH allows breathing room.

Old Pic: Before I discovered the glorious use of a snappi

The next morning was no different. It was still sunburn red and it was without a doubt painful to her. So from 8 AM on,  I left the diaper off as much as possible. She only had a prefold on and a cover to run an errand and to nap.  Never mind our nasty carpet, it needs to be replaced so bad! I just put  blankets down everywhere. We did have an impromptu bath due to some poo that she thought would be fun to play in 

. . . agh! 

However, it gave me a chance to  sprinkle a  little baking soda in there thanks to an IG Mom suggestion in hopes it would help the rash. She screamed when I put her in an inch of water. 


Guess what else I put on her? If you remember my post HERE about "My Walking Medicine Cabinet" then you know I'm like the Dad on my 'Big Fat Greek Wedding' with Windex, except with breast milk. I put it on everything. 

You bet your ass I was I soaking her butt in it. The physical act of getting the milk on her butt was pretty hilarious, but it was done! After alternating coconut oil and breast milk all day on Thursday, it looked noticeably better by Friday morning. 

We also did an oatmeal bath. I would say we probably noticed the biggest difference after that.
This stuff is AMAZE BALLS!

I knew that my problem was in my diapers. However I had to determine whether it was yeast or ammonia. As a nurse on an infectious disease floor, I have seen MANY fungal/yeast infections. This just didn't look like it to me. It wasn't only in the crevices, there was no raised white patches. It literally looked like I took an insert threw it in some burning embers,then threw it on her crotch and burned her. However, also being a nurse I've smelt some unusual things in my career. Things that have had me dry heaving over a patients toilet. Things that have had me saying, "Whatever you do, do NOT remove his shoes! I don't care if he is in bed, just DONT TAKE OFF HIS SHOES!"  

That's a conversation I've had more than once. 

When I was smelling her diapers, my eyes weren't burning or watering. Yeah they smelled funky, but they didn't leave me thinking, "OH NO!" In the mornings, after sleeping for 12 hours those diapers would be pretty strong, but again I thought it was normal. When I dumped a wet bag full of dirty diapers in the washing machine I would walk away thinking, "SHOOOOOO WEEE THOSE STANK!" but I thought that came with the territory. 

Its the rash itself that left me saying, that is an ammonia burn. My precious cloth diapers, the ones that are supposed to be so wonderful for my baby girl are hurting her! I HAD TO FIX IT RIGHT AWAY! 

So I grabbed a prefold because I knew with it she would still get a little air to her tush, a snappi, and googled how to fold a prefold. Yep. I've never actually made wear her a prefold. I've trifolded one into a Econobum before and I had a leak so I tucked them away in the back of my drawer and thought "well those didn't work." Now I know it's the covers I don't like. I'm a double gusset kind of girl. It's the only way to contain a poo breach! 

I also know there is more efficient ways to fold a prefold. I thought the angel wings seemed the easiest. I must say, I felt super crunchy wrapping her up and throwing a snappi on one. I loved it. You guys know  I embrace my hippy ways. They make me happy. I found the "how to" HERE

This one was my very first one I put on. It's definitely not the best, but I got better. 

I made a trip to our local cloth diaper store (one I HAVE NEVER BEEN TO! CRAZY!). Maybe you have heard of it. . . 

It's only one of the leading natural organic baby websites out there. THE STORE WAS AMAZING. 

I grabbed a dozen prefolds and two covers....and a few other things I couldn't resist.

Why prefolds?? 
One) because they are cheap. I didn't want to drop $500 bucks on a new stash of diapers to get me through a few days. 

Two) They are natural fibers 

Three) They allow more air to her hiney. 

After doing some more research and was pretty sure it was ammonia build up,  I went back the next day and got some Rockin' Green Funk Rock. I went hoping to find RLR ( I have heard wonderful thing about it!) but this is all they had. I think it has done its job! 

After two days of soaking, washing, and boiling I can now say my diapers smell GOOD. They smell clean. They smell like they're supposed to. 

I struggled with going to buy a box of sposies and throwing them on her for a few days. I just couldn't do it. I was determined to fix the problem. However, if this continues to happen and the diapers keep hurting my baby girl. . . I will have to reconsider my love for them. 

I'll do a post soon about how exactly I stripped EVERY. SINGLE. DIAPER. Its a little time consuming, but it needs to be done from time to time. It took us all weekend, but I now I can't stop sniffing them! HA! 

I hope you all had an exciting weekend!!! 
Lots of Love,
The Boffs


  1. I would love to hear how you stripped them. There seems to be SO many ways to do it. I'm just not a fan of blue dawn liquid and that seems to be the most common way.

    I've heard about disinfecting them periodically, but have only done that once. I will say, I smell my baby's diapers when I put them in the dryer. Not sure why, but I guess it's to make sure they smell clean and they usually smell like nothing so I guess that's good.

    Hope her little hiney is all better now. :)

  2. Oh my gosh, every cloth diaper mom's worst nightmare! But, you lived to tell the tale.

    When I wash, I usually rinse a couple extra times and about a month ago, I rinsed in hot water until the water was running not soapy. I guess I still haven't really done a major strip but they don't smell. I guess I probably don't want to wait until they get to the smelly point?

    We haven't had much of a problem with rash, I saw a red spot on her hiney once and put Buttpaste on it and it was gone really quickly.

  3. Can you use buttpaste with CD? I love that stuff but I thought it was a CD no no. I would love to hear how you stripped your diapers. I'm going through the exact same thing right now and I feel like I can't even remember what I've done or in what order I've done it because it's so tedious! Whew!


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