Monday, April 9, 2012


I hope you all had a fantastic weekend. We did!!!  Friday & Saturday are our days with Dad. Those are the two days we get to see him since he is working and in school.
 I looooove being a SAHM, but I do NOT love being a single parent. :( 

So those two days we try to make the most of them. This weekend we got to go to Book People and watch a puppet show AND meet some IG fraaands. It was a lot of fun. Next time I'm taking the fancy camera, because my iPhone is pretty sad at taking pictures. We looooved getting to meet some parents and kiddos that we have gotten so close to on Instagram. It's amazing how close I have become to people that I've never even met. They have all turned out to be such great friends, support, and a great Mommy outlet. 

We tried to go swimming last week....

But they were still working on our pool (WHY DIDN'T THEY DO THIS MONTHS AGO?!?!)

So we swam in our bathtub in the front yard instead. 

It was pretty fun!

Sunday was Rowyn's first Easter. It wasn't as big and elaborate as I hoped, but then I had to keep reminding myself that 
1) She won't remember this next year.
2) We're trying to save money.
3) Easter isn't about the Easter Bunny and Easter Eggs. It's about soooo much more than that.

I thought Ro & I were going to have to go to church alone, but Tom decided to wake up and go with us even though he had to work that night. WHAT A GOOD DADDY!  He even humored me with a few pictures. 

So this year didn't feel unbelievably special, but the service was a good one. I love our church. I can hardly leave a service without getting emotional. This time was no different. These last few months have been hell on our little family, but it's hard not to look at these two amazing people in my life and feel so incredibly blessed. Next year we'll make sure Ro knows what this speacial day is all about  and maybe we'll do a few Easter eggs. 

Once Tom gets out of school, I'm hoping to get back on my A game. Maybe I'll even get to sleep in a morning or two. :) I'm also trying to plan a first Birthday party! YIKES!

Until then, please don't mind the bags under my eyes and my so scattered brain. I'm pretty fried these days. 

This sweet face makes it all sooooooo worth it. 

Lots of Love,
The Boffs


  1. She is precious! And you are so pretty! :-)

  2. You're such a strong Mama and don't you worry, your little girl knows it--as does your hubby! Rowyn is just so darn happy and cute all the time. Glad you had a good weekend and got some family time in. I sure know how that goes, just trying to soak up every moment we can.


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