Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Happy Anniversary TBofferson.

Today, Tboff & Willis have been a married Tboff & Willis for TWO years. 
Coming from a girl who NEVER wanted to get married. . . EVER. .  this IS a big deal. :)

Photo by an amazing photographer. xoxo

Our 1st Anniversary

We decided this year to buy a couple of chairs for our living room as our "cotton" anniversary gift. We still were able to do a few fun little touches to make the day special. 


Tom brought home Rudy's breakfast tacos this morning. MMMM.

I painted him a little picture with a lyric of one of my favorite songs. 

The card I got him.


Two years ago, we were married in front of our friends and family in the most amazing wedding I have ever seen and had THE BEST party I  have ever been to. 

When I first saw Tboff for the first time almost 5 years ago, at my new employee orientation, I couldn't help but notice how hot he was. . .

. . . then I began to question if he even batted for my team. 
Yes. . . his hair looked that good. :) 
Then he opened his mouth.
 No gay man was that obnoxious. 

For a year after that, I spent most of it rolling my eyes at his incessantly bad flirting, his God awful wrist sweat band (I mean seriously. . . why?) and wishing his lips and ass weren't  so damn hot. 
 (No really. The boy has a great behind.)

I finally gave in, and I am sooooo glad I did. For the first time in my life I haven't self sabotaged an amazing thing that God so obviously put in my life for a reason.

Sometimes it's the little things that I mentioned HERE that make me fall in love over and over again. Here are a few more things that I love about that Honey of mine. 


I love the way the shower smells like your body wash when I get in. When I go five days with barely seeing you, smelling you is the next best thing.

I also love to sleep on your pillow at night, because, again, it smells like you.

I love how you are from the fabulously COLD state of Minnesota, and yet when it's 71 degrees in our house you would have thought a blizzard hit. Sweatpants, sweatshirt, beanie, the works. 

I love how even at the ripe age of 27 years old farting is still hilarious to you. No matter who or what makes the "farting" sound.

I also love how even still at the mature age of 27, give you a couple of beers and you get all silly. Once I'm done nursing your kid. . . I will drink you under the table, once again. :)

I love  how much you love Peanut Butter. 
Ok I'll admit it, PB on a hamburger is amazing. Do you hear that, Mark??? I have been converted! 

I love how how these last few months you have been so supportive of me getting back into shape. Instead of being, "You don't have to work out now. . .You can do it later/tomorrow." You help push me. I even got him to run a mile with us one day!! (I'm pretty sure he has never run a mile in his life. . . EVER!)

I love how through this whole parenting journey we have happened upon this whole "crunchy" attachment parenting style and you have totally embraced it WHOLE HEARTEDLY, even if you have had your doubts from time to time. EVERY TIME 

I love how even though I am technically a SAHM, you don't buy into the whole stereotype. Unloading/loading the dishwasher from time to time, vacuuming like the OCD man that you are, letting me take a shower during the day, and taking up for me when people ask,who have no clue what being a parent means, if I just "clean and sit around all day." 
Yeah. . . true story.

I love that through this whole school and work your rear end off business, when I'm so "OVER IT" and feeling sorry for myself, you accept my lame apologies and pity parties and look past them. Seriously, what's my problem?? You are the one working and going to school full time. 

I love that even when I wear my hair like this to bed at night, you still can look at me with a straight face. 

Most importantly, I love the man you have become in these last two years. You are more of a man than most men we BOTH know. You are THE Daddy that I have always wanted for my children (because I had the best example of what one should be), and  you are my very best friend in times where friends seem to be few and far between.

Also by our badass photographer mentioned above.

I love you, Thomas James. . . to the moon and back.

Lots of Love,
Willis. xoxo


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