Monday, April 30, 2012

Going to the chapel

Actually a gorgeous house on a hill.
 However, MORGAN IS MARRIED!. I have so many memories with Morgan and her family that I will never EVER forget.  And this weekend is no different. I blubbered like a baby the whole time. It's just so insane to have this one person be such a big part of my life for so long, and now we are BOTH married.

She has been there for me through so much and I was so happy to be apart of this with her. Here's hoping we'll make thousands more memories in years to come. 

An amazing mission trip to Culebra.

Countless Volleyball, Basketball, Track, and Softball  games.

Senior Prom

A BAD ASS Bachelorette party in NOLA. :)

A WHOLE lot of Miller Lite and various other alcoholic beverages. 

Maid of Honor in our wedding. 

I could have posted about a 100 more pictures, especially ones dating back to 10-15 years ago, but those aren't very pretty. . . of EITHER of us. :)

I love you, MEL. You are an amazing friend. Ben is so lucky to have you as his wife. TBoff  and  I wish you both the best. 

I had scheduled this post for the day of the wedding, and it didn't work. Blogger's new layout is taking some getting used to, but I can't figure out why it didn't post. I'll look into it. I didn't take too many pictures during the festivities, but I'll post the few I have later. We just got back in town so we're relaxing a bit. I hope you all had an amazing weekend.

Lots of Love,
The Boffs


  1. Oh how fun!!! Yay for Morgan!!! I saw pics on FB and y'all both looked gorgeous!!!

  2. I'm just now seeing this! I love you! This is so sweet. I can't imagine the amount of photos we could post - a lifetime of memories!


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