Sunday, April 22, 2012

Earth Day

 I can remember starting a "Earth Club" with a child hood friend of mine. We made  a folder and everything. . . Of course having a FOLDER you mean BUSINESS.
I'm pretty sure it was just us two in the club. :)
 I do remember we did go pick up trash around the neighborhood. So, maybe I wasn't the best Earth Club  member all the time, but obviously I was taught early on how important taking care of our planet really is.

As I've gotten older, times have changed to a more "green" way of life. I will say since I have moved to Austin and we have bought our own home, I feel like we make a more conscious effort. We do the usual recycling, using natural lighting during the day, walking when we can etc. The most obvious earth friendly thing we do in our home is using cloth diapers and use reusable wipes. 

Ma? Does this diaper make me look fat??? :)

Here is my first update in November about our diapers. We made the transition to wipes a few months back. While it does take an effort to care for both and to make sure they are available when we need them, its totally worth it. WE LOVE THEM. They are super cute, fluffy, AND they save us a ton of money, but they also help decrease the amount of waste going into the landfills. It can take up to 500 YEARS for just ONE disposable diaper to breakdown. 


 That seriously makes my tummy hurt.

While we do wash our diapers, since we have started this 6 months ago, we have seen hardly ANY increase in our water bill. I also don't dry our diapers in the dryer. I use the sun to bleach and dry them, which also saves energy and helps them to smell FABULOUS!

I've recently noticed how many paper towels we can go through as a family. A few months ago, I remember looking at the big ass package of paper towels we buy in bulk every few weeks. One, it took up wayyyy to much space in my grocery cart, which obviously means less room for food. 
Um. . . I. Love. Food. 
So, that just wasn't going to do. So I decided to make more of an effort to use rags and towels for clean ups around the house. However, our biggest source of paper towel usage goes to this messy thing right here.

She prefers to feed herself, which not only takes until Christmas to finish a meal. . . it also creates a beautiful disaster. :)

With BLW it can get messy, especially in the beginning when they are learning to just get the food to their face. We were going through multiple towels in one sitting, let alone three meals a day. We have a TON of baby wash cloths that were given to us as shower gifts. A TON. Some of which I never get to before I wash a load of clothes.  I have now started using her wash cloths to clean her up after every meal. I have noticed a HUGE decrease in the amount of paper towels we use just by using the wash cloths. Not only are we decreasing waste, but we're also saving money. The cost of paper goods can really add up. I'm now on the look out for some cute cloth napkins for us to use on a regular basis. 

What do you do to decrease your waste in your home??

Along with Earth Day, today is a special Brother -In- Law's Birthday!
I hope it's awesome! 

Uncle David holding our nephew Matthew Christmas 2010

Hope you all had a great weekend!
Lots of Love,
The Boffs


  1. I bought a pack of cloth wipes (that look very different from our cloth diaper wipes!) to use in the kitchen for cleaning up after meals. They work great...super soft and the perfect size.

  2. When we first got married I didn't buy a single roll of paper towels for two years, and somehow now we go through a roll every couple of weeks and it drives me crazy!! I definitely want to get back to not using paper towels, have you seen the cloth 'paper towels' on pintrest that snap together and go around a roll? They're on my to-do list as soon as H starts sleeping more.

  3. I stopped buying paper towels/napkins a few years ago as a means to cut our grocery bill and it's worked out great for us! We just use hand towels now. Also, anytime I go to Starbucks I'll throw some extra napkins in my purse to keep around the house or in the car just in case we need some in a pinch. Another thing we did to save some money is stopped buying bottled water. I bought everyone in our family reusable water bottles that we fill with a Brita pitcher and keep in the refrigerator at all times. I even pack it in my son's lunch for school. It's awesome that doing good for the environment also saves you money!

  4. Yay! This whole post makes me happy. It feels so good to know you are helping the environment by really not putting that much effort. Just little, everyday things we do add up! I, too, use way too many paper towels, maybe I will focus on that. We love using cloth napkins, too.

  5. I have started to use the baby washcloths for SO many other things. I rarely use them in the bath tub since I just wash her with my hands.

    I will say I dry our cloth diapers and haven't seen much increase in our bill. I work full time so they don't dry at night very well and they take days to dry on a rack in the house.


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