Tuesday, April 17, 2012

About a girl and her dog.

Before there was Rowyn, Miller was our "baby". 

She is people too.

Miller obviously likes to pose for the camera.

When we brought the munchkin home, it was a bit of adjustment for everyone. . .

. . . but most especially Miller.

Miller may or may not have tried to sit on Rowyn a few times as a newborn. I truly thought we were going to have to put Miller on antidepressants. She just wasn't getting it.

Then we started this wonderul thing of Baby Led Weaning :) I just told a friend of mine the other day how amazingly Miller's depression was lifted  once food scraps started falling from the sky.

I initially put this table cloth down when we started BLW to help the mess. It ended up just getting in the way and looking pretty trashy. I really need a splash mat, but in all reality why when I have Miller? :)

Before Ro, Miller was my running partner. I wasn't able to exercise during my whole pregnancy due to being sick as a dog the whole time and struggling to gain weight.  It was a huge adjustment for her to go from running 15-20 miles a week, to zilch. Obviously, Miller is a Lab. Labs need A LOT of exercise. That proved to be pretty difficult in the beginning. Having a newborn and being a single parent a few nights a week leaves you wanting to just sleep at every opportunity, not take the dog out for a round of fetch. 

I soon realized how much Ro loved being outside. She would cry, I would walk out the door and. . . silence. Now, she still loves it. We probably go out about 10 times a day and throw the ball around for Miller. She They both LOVE it. 

Now these two are the best of friends. Miller gets a little annoyed from time to time, but all in all she is an angel with Ro.

She puts up with the ear pulling, tail pulling, and lots of belly pats. It makes our hearts happy that our two "babies" love each other so.

Rowyn used to mock Miller panting, but she hasn't done it for us in a while. 


We have had to start putting Miller's food away when Ro is roaming. Sometimes I'll let her splash in the  water, but it usually ends up everywhere and she slips in it. The other day I had to fish out some kibbles from her little mouth. She looked like a little chipmunk. AGH!

Do you have furr babies in your house?? Was there an adjustment period when you brought a new baby home?


Miller's tail makes me crack up every time. It was like she was purposefully teasing her.

I hope you are all having a great week.  I feel like we have been going going going and can't get caught up. We are also pretty excited around the Boff household. Tomorrow it is TBoff's LAST clinical day for school. NO MORE 16 hr shifts! YAYYYYYYYYYYYY!  We are so ready for him to be finished with school. We're just praying that God will guide is in the direction that is best for our little family.

Have a great day!
The Boffs

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  1. We have a Lab as well and he's always inserting himself into pictures too. He's just now somewhat interested in Julia and it's now that she reaches out to pet him from our laps. Of course, her idea of petting is sticking her tiny fingers in his eyes and mouth, but he's so gentle with her. :)

    Our mini daschsund on the other hand, could care less. Ha!


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