Monday, March 19, 2012

I think I'll prop my feet up a while...

AGH! I wanted to get back into the swing of things but I have been soooo busy lately it's pretty crazy.  I was visiting my family last week which meant Tom had the computer. I've yet to figure out how to post pictures to blogger from my iPad.

 I know. . . pathetic. 

I can post, just no pictures.
 What fun is a post with no pictures????

So right now I'm pumping while typing this. I swear I've learned so many new talents as a Mom. Multitasking at it's finest. 

So yeah, Ro & I visited my parents for the week. Tom & I are both fed up with this school arrangement, and I needed a little pick me up. I also got to go to my childhood best friend's bridal shower. 
I, of course, didn't take a single picture! UGH. Since I gave up Facebook for Lent, I can't go on there and post old school ones of us either. HA


Mickey Mouse in the mornings with Pops.

While we were visiting, I'm pretty sure we did something EVERY SINGLE DAY. My Mom took off a few days. My BIL & nephew were on spring break so my Sissy took off a few days as well. There was retail therapy, football throwing, and garage sale prepping that HAD to be done. Those things all made us girls pretty happy. 

Miller loves going to see NiNi & Pops because she gets to go swimming. :)

We missed The Honey so much, but seeing him an hour a day and two days a week is wearing on us. So it was a nice change of pace. Adult interaction and home cooked meals do a girl some good.

Waking up to this every morning did not get old. :)

We learned on our way down there, that Ro is now full out refusing a bottle. She hasn't had one since Christmas. With Tom in school, I'm pretty much always around to nurse her when she wants it, andshe has never liked taking a bottle from me. I mean why would she, when she can get straight from the tap??
She kept looking at me like I was crazy when I tried to give her one. So in order to save time, a few IG Mom's told me to just lean over her seat and nurse her. At first she giggled and thought it was a fun game. Eventually it worked. BAHAHHA It was no doubt uncomfortable(yes I was wearing my seatbelt) but it worked. 

Chatty Cathy loves shopping.

When we got back in town I noticed she was getting her 3rd tooth! I am now a baltic amber believer. I mentioned before I wasn't sure it worked for us since we didn't have any new teeth, but if one all the sudden showed up without us knowing unlike the first two, then we would know. 
GET ONE if you have a teething kiddo. SUPER COOL! 

While we were away Ro started pulling up on things by herself. 

In the last few days, she started crawling instead of scooting 
 MORE TROUBLE. So while I was trying to unpack from our trip and get the house back in order, it proved to be a tad difficult. 

Today I had a baby shower at work to attend, so I was excited to take Ro up to the hospital to see everybody. Her Daddy was really worried about us driving "all that way"by ourselves. :) He's pretty cute like that. 
It is only 25 miles. :) 
She, of course, did great and fell asleep within in 5 minutes of being in the car, on the way home. 

K well, there's a few pics to hold you over for a bit. I hope to show off some of the fun goodies we got in TXK and have a few other posts lined out for the future. I have started about 10 of them, but of course life totally gets in the way. I won't promise to be better, but I'll try! :)


Lots of Love,
The Boffs

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  1. Good to hear from you! Glad you got to go visit your parents--always helps to feel a little refreshed!

    E has yet to ever take a bottle at almost 4 months old so...yes I am ALWAYS on call as well. You could probably start giving Ro her milk in a sippy? Has she taken a sippy cup yet?


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