Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Good Customer Service is what makes me come back...

. . .bad customer service is what makes me want to tell my friends how awful you are and to never spend their hard earned money on you.

I placed an order with this company on Dec. 2nd, 2011. It was for a Christmas gift for my Mum. :) She wanted these absolutely BEAUTIFUL wine glasses and Tom & I wanted to surprise her with them. . . ON CHRISTMAS. 

That did not happen.

I received an order confirmation on Dec. 3rd. saying they were on back order until Dec. 14th. I was totally fine with that, but in order for it to get to her in time, I wanted it to be shipped to her house instead of mine in Austin. I emailed them regarding this change. 

No response.

I called a few days later, was put on hold. Then apparently I was hung up on, because I was disconnected. I'm sure it was an accident, but still frustrating. 

Dec 10th I received a NEW back order email stating it would now be Jan. 27th. So she wouldn't be opening the glasses themselves, but that's ok. I would just wrap up a picture of them so she could at least be excited. :)

I emailed again on Dec 10th regarding the no response and it the shipping address change. 

No response. 

I received another email on Jan 10th still confirming the back order would be Jan 27th. "Wow," I thought. That was nice of them to stay on top of it. Good. I was feeling a bit better about doing business with them, while I still hadn't received any contact from them. 

Oh, but wait.

 I received ANOTHER email on Jan. 20th pushing the back order to Feb. 17th. At this point I was frustrated and was almost thinking I was going to be out of my $100 we spent. I should have called again, but I just kept thinking surely this time the date will be legit. When the date comes and go I'll call.

Sure enough, Feb 17th came and went.

I called on Feb 21st. I got answering machine. I left my name, my number, my order number, and questioned if the items had been shipped and if they were shipped to the address that I requested in the FIRST email.

No response.

The next day, I did receive an email regarding my shipment! THEY WERE IN THE MAIL!!!


Wait. . . they were coming to me. 

Not my Mom. 

Oh well. She would get them eventually.

Sure enough, those gorgeous glasses showed up on my door step on Feb. 28th. 
I was super excited when the doorbell rang because I knew it was them. However, I was quickly let down when I noticed the box was upside down on my door step and the box was not marked FRAGILE. 


This was not the company's fault. This is the shipping companies fault, definitely. However, had the company marked the box "FRAGILE" would the shipping company may have taken care to be careful with my package? 


Sure enough, when I opened the box, two of my 8 glasses were broken.


I called, and guess what! 

She was super nice and friendly, and offered to send me two replacement glasses right away.


"What should I do with these broken ones? Send them back to you guys?"

She giggled and said, "Just throw them away. We don't have much use for them since they are broken."

She was attempting to end our conversation when I asked if she had a customer service manager I could speak with. I explained what a nightmare this transaction had been. She didn't apologize, or offer any help, she just said, "My manger isn't here yet, but I can forward you to her answering machine if you would like to leave her a message."

I did just that. I left a message, calmly explaining the transaction and how I was less than happy with the the way I was never responded to. I told her I understood that the Holidays could be crazy and they were no doubt very busy. I totally understand that. I just would have loved to actually SPEAK to someone before today or at least received a personal email regarding my order, and not an automated one. I requested she call me back.  
I even said, "Thank you so much for your time, and have a nice day!" at the end! :)

No call back.

No response.

When I received my order confirmation for the new two glasses, I fully expected to get a quick shipping alert or even a back order  email.


So today, March 20th, I called regarding my two replacement glasses I had called about on Feb, 28th. The same woman I talked to regarding the broken ones answered. 


I explained I hadn't received a shipping confirmation and was wondering if everything was ok. After a few minutes, she replied "Yeah. You haven't received a shipping confirmation because they are on back order until April 2nd."

I'm beginning to loathe the word back order, but alright. 

What happened to the back order email?? I got 20 of them for the original order. If I had received a back order email regarding these two glasses I probably would have asked for my money back for the two glasses, since I was keeping the other six, but I didn't. I never received any notification and it was over 3 weeks ago.

So I asked the woman to adjust my transaction for the two glasses. I didn't want them anymore. She said, "Sure. Just send me back the broken ones and we'll refund your money."

"Um. . . the broken ones you told me to trash last month? The ones you said you had no need for?"

"I can't refund your money, unless you send us back the broken ones."

"But you told me to throw them away last month. You said you couldn't do anything with them. You didn't want them. Now you do? If I had received a back order notification when I talked to you then or even an email, I wouldn't have thrown them away. "

"I can't refund your money, unless you send them back.




"Fine. Just send me the glasses whenever you can."


I feel like if I had been in contact with an actual person this whole time, I wouldn't be so angry. I feel like if someone had called and said, 

"What up, Willis? I'm sorry we're taking four months to ship your Christmas gift, but the wine glasses are bad ass, so well worth the wait. Hey, we'll throw in a free gift or gift certificate for all the trouble. Hey we know your family works hard for you money, and we want you to come back and spend more at our store. We want you to tell your friends how incredibly AWESOME we are.  Ps. you sound GORGEOUS over the phone, your husband is one lucky man. Thanks! HAVE A GREAT DAY!"

Well, something along those lines. :)
All I got this whole time was automated messages. Not a personalized email, not a letter in the mail, no phone call. . . even their manager couldn't even waste her time with me. 

Online shopping is supposed to be easy, fun, and convenient. It is supposed to make me feel safe to put my credit card information in online. I know running a business has to be hell at times. I know things like broken glasses happen. It's part of it.

However, I feel like with great customer service, no matter how bad the transaction, it makes you want to go back for more. It makes you say, "They were so nice! They kept apologizing, and made me feel so glad I did business with them. What good people they are."

When you have bad customer service, no matter how incredibly beautiful your products are, I don't want to spend my hard earned money there in fear I'll never get it back. I don't want my friends to spend their hard earned money there either. I find it hard to believe that me, just one person, had such a hard time with just one order. 

I am not actually one to bad mouth a soul. Life happens. I won't even put a review on here if I feel like it's overly brutal and I absolutely HATE it. I don't think it's nice. Whoever made that product is trying to make money to provide for their family too. I don't want to bash them for that. 


 I have almost taken this whole situation personally. Like, "Ugh that crazy lady keeps emailing us and leaving us messages. Lets just ignore her." 

I know I'm a tad sensitive.

Has anyone else had this problem?? It makes me so frustrated. However, blogging about it makes me feel better. I am attempting to write them another long email regarding the whole situation. However, their formatting on their website won't let me, it's too long! HAHA  I don't know if I should wait until I actually have the two glasses in my hands :) and then send them the link to this blog page or go ahead and do so today.

I don't want to be mean, but now I feel like I've been too nice. 

What do you guys think??? Am I being overly sensitive and silly? Or am I being too nice and being taken advantage of (which happens to me often! GRRR)

Hope your Tuesday started out better than mine.

Update: Today April 3rd, I received the two replacement glasses in one piece. Hallelujah.

Lots of Love,
The Boffs


  1. You are most certainly NOT overreacting. I probably would have given then a piece of my mind on the second back order email. Not good, Napa Style....NOT GOOD!!!

  2. Not being overly sensitive at all- you've been far more generous with your patience than I would have been! I understand something being on backorder maybe once or twice, but seriously, 4 months later and you've yet to receive a complete, intact item- ridiculous.

  3. I would bypass their whole system. I would call my credit card company, tell them what happened and dispute the charge. THEY will give you your money back. I understand the glasses are beautiful but I would be so hostile about the situation I wouldn't be able to see straight (I am a hot head sometimes...).
    If they would call or email you then it would be a different story. BTW you have the pictures to prove they arrived broken...

  4. You are definitely not over sensitive and good for you for standing up for yourself! You have been more patient than I think I would have! Hope you get your two glasses soon!! :-)


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