Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Cloth Diaper Q&A Part 1

So since I've started using cloth and blogging about my experience, you all have come up with some really awesome questions. So good, that a lot of the times I don't know the answers. Ha!!! Thank God I have such a great circle of cloth diaper Moms that I can ask. I seriously don't know what I would do without my Instagram Mommas! There are several Mom's I'm hoping to actually meet sometime soon here in Austin!!! I'm so excited!

So here are a few of the questions I've been asked along the way and my answers.

Hi! I was wondering what brand and kind of sprayer you use? I've been reading reviews and I'm worried about leaking! Thanks!  

I use the Bum Genius diaper sprayer. It had great reviews and hubs installed in about 5 minutes. As long as you remember to always turn it off after each use so the pressure doesn't build up in the line, then leaks shouldn't be a problem. I've only had it a couple of months, but so far so good. I'm sure there are other good ones, but I kept hearing so many good things about this one. Totally worth the $44. :)


So since I wrote this email, I bought another one to have for my parents house when we go visit. Being at their house for weeks at a time with no sprayer is no fun. I'm not a dunk and swish kind of girl. So Tom tried to install one at their house, and for some reason it didn't work. All the right parts were there, but something wasn't just right. I had bought the sprayer several months ago and have lost the packing slip so I can't return it, but just know to keep your receipt if you buy one!! It may not work!!

I am planning on cloth diapering and one question I have is how do you suppose you "bleach" the diapers if we don't have a lot of sun? 

I asked several people about the "bleach" problem. I was stumped because we rarely go more than a few days without sun here in Texas. :) If you just want to bleach inserts you can do that I have heard, just not with the diapers themselves. I just would make sure it's not anything that touches baby's butt directly or you may result in a gnarly rash.  I've heard of someone actually buying a UV light at the pet store and using that (about $50). Some women have said putting them in a sunny window works for them in the cold winter months. 

This blog post by  The Eco-Chic (great blog! Follow her on Twitter and Facebook too if you want. She's always doing fun giveaways.) is a great post. It has a lot of different options. I think the best advice is to rinse as soon as possible. Get a diaper sprayer if at all possible. TOTALLY WORTH IT. 

My good friend Rashelle over at Mom Au Naturel made this post about stripping and has a good option for bleaching. 

Would you mind emailing me some of the blogs you follow so I can read up on it? 

So my favorite CD blogs are :
The Gnome's Mom - Lori is probably one of my favorite bloggers. She is my age, funny, and lives in TX. What's not to like?? The Gnome is adorable and incredible at modeling fluff and helping you get started on a bathroom rehaul. :) She is also the one that SOLD me on the Boba 3G with her video reviews.. She's an ambassador. FANCY! :) I have her button on my sidebar. I don't put JUST ANYONE's button on my side bar. HA!

Dirty Diaper Laundry  - Kim does AWESOME video reviews. She is honest, great at what she does, and has a pretty adorable family.

The Cloth Diaper Whisperer- This is probably one of my favorites. There are a lot of tips and information. They also have a ton of reviews and LOTS of giveaways.

The Eco Chic is AWESOME. I follow Calley on Instagram, Twitter, Blogger, and Facebook. She has got the social media thing DOWN! She can throw a hell of a twitter party. :)  You can follow her on Twitter and Facebook also. GO!!! NOW!

The Diaper Shops Blog- they don't do a lot of "blogging" other than giveways, but at the top of the blog is a good 101 post and some abbreviations  (I was so lost at first! ). You can follow them on Twitter and Facebook also. If I ever have a question I just post on their wall and either they answer or a TON of CD mama's will. :) 

The Cloth Diaper Geek - She's bad ass. There is no other explanation needed. :)

Sisters n' Cloth- These girls are pretty fun. Not one, but TWO Mom's sharing their awesome knowledge. 

Ha. There are so many, but I tried to narrow it down. :)

What websites did you order all your diapers and extra essentials from?  

Now the websites.
Kelley's Closet - They always have great coupons and super fast shipping. Their rewards program is pretty awesome as well. 
DiaperJunction -They have a great selection online. I've suggested them to several people who are just wanting to trial cloth. They have a 30 day "test drive program"  HERE. Go check it out! I think it is so cool. 
Cotton Babies - I joined their mailing list and get an occasional "seconds" email. It's basically products that may have a little dirt or crooked hem. Nothing that hinders the quality of the product, they just can't sell it for full price. I've gotten several diapers from seconds and I have yet to find a single thing wrong with them. They look like new. 
Mom's Milk Boutique - This is probably my favorite store next to Kelly's Closet. The first time I actually did business with her was on Black Friday. She gave away a TON of free stuff, so that was fun and I I got my order within a few days. She has an amazing rewards program and has a ton of great coupons. I love her selection as well. GO! 

One of my favorite bloggers I mentioned above,The Gnome's Mom  is opening her own online store soon! I AM SO EXCITED! Mostly because she is really focusing on WAHM and their businesses in North America. Join her affiliate program to receive some mulah or store credit! SO EXCITED FOR HER!  She's having a Twitter party on April 2nd. Click HERE to RSVP. 

So that was just a few of the questions, I'll do another post on more. Thank you guys for all your comments and interest in cloth diapers. It's amazing to me how over a year a go I had no clue people still used cloth, and now I AM OBSESSED! 

Hope you are all having  a fantabulous day!
Lots of Love,
The Boffs


  1. You have definitely helped me SO much! Thanks for putting your fave websites out there...will definitely be checking those out!

  2. What do mamas do in public? Do they keep the dirty diaper in a bag then spray it when they get home? (@littlemskris from IG :) )

    1. That's exactly what I do. :) I have a super sassy wet bag,throw them in there and zip it one knows I'm dragging a dirty diaper around. The trick is to remember to get it out of your diaper bag when you get home. HA!

  3. What brands do you like best. I love all of the cute prints we see on Ro.


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