Wednesday, March 28, 2012

10 Months of Sass

And another month has passed. . . le sigh.

 I find myself looking at her wittle bitty baby pictures and videos and think awwww



Seriously, they are beautiful at first, but THEY DON'T DO ANYTHING except eat non stop and wake up all night. :)

Month 10 has been a big one for Miss Ro. 
Like my Mom likes to say, "She's just BUSY!"

She still sleeps like a pro at night, and still cat naps. Most of the time we get one "good" nap in, but we're currently going through another leap. So naps are boring compared to all the fun things we're learning these days. :) My favorite thing she does when she is falling asleep is play with her ear. I bet she'll be a hair twirler once she gets enough of it. 

She also continues to eat like a grown person. This month we tried kale, blueberries, grapes, spinach, honey dew, cantaloupe, hamburger, chicken spaghetti, beef and barley stew :), pizza, lots of pasta, mac n' cheese, and I'm sure a ton more, but that's all I can think of. :) Our favorites are strawberries, purple grapes, yogurt, and chicken spaghetti. 

We have been really focusing on the high fat (but healthy) foods this month as per her pedi's recommendations mentioned HERE So we have AT LEAST one yogurt and a little bit of avocado a day. She's kind of silly about textures, so she won't pick up avocado or broccoli. She doesn't freak out, she just drops it when she picks it up, but she does let me load it on a spoon for her. Now if the avocado is mixed up with tomatoes, cilantro, and lime juice. . . she'll shovel it in her mouth faster than I can say "Joe Macarachi" Silly girl.

That's been my favorite part of BABY LED WEANING is watching her with different spices and seasoning. She loves EVERYTHING! That was one thing the pedi had said was don't back off with the seasoning, because it is proven that they actually eat better if it isn't too bland. Now of course, don't go around putting atomic hot sauce on everything, but don't bland it up just because they are babies. Again, I love that he is so supportive of it. 

We still are using sign language with her and we still only really know "all done," and occasionally "more"  "More" has become more consistent in the last few days. We also started signing "all done" when she is ready to move on, not just done with eating. So if we're in the bath before bed and she's tired  she signs "all done". It is so cool. She also uses "all done" and  all gone as the same sign, because it does sound the same, and generally it means the same as well. I just think the sign language is so neat. 

We still babble lots of "ma ma", "ba ba" pa pa" but nothing that makes sense. .  to us at least! She is obviously telling us something. :)

We got our third tooth this month, and I think we are working on number 4 as well.

We thought she was going to crawl FOR WEEKS, but she was being so cautious. Then while I was visiting my parents she started pulling up on things on her own. So I thought surely she was just going to skip the crawling stage. Sure enough, last week she started crawling ALL OVER.  She keeps me on my toes.

She also has started trying to stand up, which is insane. 

I'm going to regret my above statement about how they don't do anything when they're so young as soon as she starts walking. :)

Some of Rowyn's favorite things this month are Mickey Mouse Club House (especially the hot dog song), Miller, playing outside, and being chased by Mommy or Daddy.

Products we are loving this month:
Fisher Price Laugh & Learn Activity Table.

We got this for her for Christmas and she loves it. I loved that the legs came off, but now that she's pulling up she likes having the legs on too. Even if the legs are off she tries to stand up on it! :) I'm not gonna lie, there's a song on the phone that makes me sing and dance EVERY TIME! "HELLOOOOO! THE PHONE IS RINGING SO I SAY HELLOOOO. . ." I could go on, but I'll spare you. You are sure to get it stuck in your head. Besides having the different stations, it also has a spanish options which I think is so cool. Rowyn loves opening and closing the laptop and when they say "Hi" or "Goodbye" she waves. It's so cute. 

I have an obsession with Pinterest. Follow me by clicking the button at the top right corner if you want to see my obsession in action. :) I got this idea off there months ago. Rowyn loves to pull the cloth wipes out of the case and pour the wipe solution EVERY WHERE! So I figured I would try it out. . . SHE LOVES IT! It took me half an hour to cut the strips and tie them together. SUPER EASY! DO IT!

That's Not My Monkey & Water, Water EVERYWHERE


She loves these books. We have been reading to her since she was a wee bitty, but in the last few months she has actually taken interest in them. These two get the most reaction out of her. She babbles when she turns the pages like she's reading herself. It is soooo cute.

Products we don't like:


 No seriously, the child lives in a diaper. If I don't have to put clothes on her I don't. I actually went running with her in just a diaper the other day. I of course had to stop and meet a neighbor who thankfully was holding a  diaper only baby too. :) Since she started crawling, her feet get caught up in her footed PJs and she gets PISSED. So most morning I put her pjs on like a cape to keep her arms warm of course, and if its still too chilly I put leg warmers on her. She rubs her knees sometimes when she crawls alot if she doesn't have the warmers on anyway, so I feel like it feels better for her.  

So these monthly pictures now require two of us and a dog to keep her entertained long enough to get a good one. Which means there are plenty of goofy ones. :)

What up, Ma?

That says 10 months?? That can't be right! I don't look a day over 7 months.

I'm a bird! 

I hope you are all having a fabulous week. We're keeping pretty busy around here.
Lots of Love,
The Boffs


  1. I love the picture of her pretending to be a bird. ADORABLE!!! Can't wait to see you in May!

  2. Love this whole post! Sounds like such a fun stage. I do not wish away any of these infant days BUT peeking at your life gives me a glimpse of my future and it just looks so fun. I can't believe she is eating all that stuff! It must be such an adventure! I absolutely cannot wait until we get some warmer weather to let Eleanor wear only her diaper!


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