Tuesday, February 28, 2012

9 months of Sass

Here we are. Another month has gone by. 
* sobbing *
It may be sad, but every day she amazes me with something new. 

So this photo shoot was tough. She is super mobile and teething so a smile was hard to come by at first.  These photoshoots are soon going to need an assistant. Who wants to come help me? :)


At Rowyn's 9 month well check up her stats were: 15.5 lbs. (3rd percentile) 26 in (8th percentile) and 43.5 cm in head circumference (25th percentile) She went up in height percentile, but down in weight. He didn't seem too concerned (as always)she is just petite and may be burning more calories since she is such a busy body. As long as she continues to gain weight (which she is, just not steady enough to add to the stupid percentage chart that is outdated anyway!)  

 I told him we were doing the Baby Led Weaning and he fully supported it, just suggested to push more fatty foods like yogurt and avocado. She loves both. So we'll just eat more. :) I had recently heard some horror stories from other moms about telling their pedi about Baby Led Weaning so I was a tad concerned. He didn't bat an eye. He actually gave me about 10 reasons why he thought it was so great and a few pointers to help her continue to eat better. It is just reason 
#809 why we love him. 

She is still eating like a pro. This month we tried pineapple, eggplant parmesean, vegetable stew, black beans, pinto beans, BBQ, and lots of pasta dishes this month. I know there is probably more, but at this point she has so many foods, its hard to remember.

Spaghetti squash and ground turkey with sauce

This month we learned to wave, clap, and raise our arms when we say "Rowyn is so big!" It's all pretty cute. She loves to give Mama open mouthed slobbery kisses, they are my favorite.


We have been using sign language with Ro since she was about 4 months old, and this month she signed "all done" and "more"  Before if we signed something she would just get really excited or not react at all so it was easy for us to tell what she wanted. Her actually using the signs on her own, without being prompted has been SO COOL! We will continue to add in more signs. 

She is doing great at night. She wakes up about 7:30 every morning. 
We like to watch the Mickey Mouse Club first. She LOVES the hot dog song.
 I don't have the TV on much through out the day, I would much rather play together. So I leave it on in the morning so I can get our breakfast together and when she's napping. Otherwise we're jamming to Pandora or my iTunes.
 I LOVE music, so I want to make sure I show her what good music is. God knows she'll be listening to CRAP before long, so I'll try my best to culture her the best I can now. :)

She still prefers to be naked. Just a diaper will do, but she seems to roll around a lot more when she's in her birthday suit. We aren't crawling yet, but we are SO STINKING CLOSE. The pedi thought it would be soon.She is pretty cautious and has always hated to be on her tummy. So I think she is trying to figure out how to get on all fours and get back to her butt successfully before she'll ever take off.  Needless to say, I'm getting a great work out by crawling around to "show her" how its done. HA! She is also trying to pull up on things. We haven't made it all the way up just yet, but she may do that before she crawls. Who knows!

I left her in her crib to play with her toys so I could get our  bath and PJs ready for bed....I came back to this. ESCAPE!

Next thing you know she's figured this out. Looks like I'll be lowering the mattress soon. 

She loves to be outside and to go on walks/runs. Thank you SO MUCH Mark & ReNee for the jogger. I know I've told you a million times, but we LOVE it. Rowyn also loves to go outside with Miller and play. It's pretty cute how they've turned into besties, when at one point I thought we were going to have to put Miller on doggy antidepressants after Rowyn arrived. 

Baby Shades on a jog

Drinking Mommy's water/pouring it all over herself. 

Miller anxiously waiting for Ro to throw her ball. 

Rowyn loves to be tickled, play peek a boo, and to "chase" ANYONE. She gets so tickled it is hilarious. Her laugh and smile are so infectious. She is still a talker. We haven't said a word that makes a lick of sense, but she is telling me SOMETHING! I just pretend like I know what she is saying, and we just have our own little conversations. 

Products we are loving:
Amber teething necklace. 

Our first two teeth were a nightmare. She was in pain screaming off and on bloody murder for a week before those damn things cut the gum. I had heard so many wonderful things about the Baltic Amber teething necklaces. Tom & I were willing to try anything. Baltic Amber has natural pain relieving oils that are slowly released from the stones as your wear it. She wears it during the day while she is awake. She has no idea that the necklace is ever there. She never even touches it. We currently have more teeth coming in. The only reason I know that is because she is a bit fussy, her gums are swollen, and she was running a low grade fever a few days ago. These things are NOTHING compared to what we went through with the first two teeth. I am now a believer. 

Hylands Teething tablets
To quote an IG friend "Baby crack," is also pretty wonderful. They are  natural pain relieving sublingual tablets. They were taken off the market a few years ago because the FDA wasn't "sure the amount of belladonna is safe for babies," but after more research they discovered that the amount is so minuscule that you would have to give your child 8 times the recommended dosage to see side effects. It's just like any other OTC product, you must follow the recommended dosage.

Graco Contempo Highchair


This thing is not only adorable but SUPER easy to clean. That was my main want in a high chair, especially if I was going to do Baby Led Weaning. It needed to be easy to clean. I wash the cover about once a week, and every time the stains come right out. I can't say the same about some of her clothes (which is why we eat in a diaper most days.) The cover is easy to remove and put back on. The chair itself also collapses to be pretty thin so it can be out of the way. The only thing I don't like about this is the wheels.  Even on lock, the chair is easily moved around by a nosy dog trying to beg for scraps from a 9 month old.   

Banana Toothbrush

Yeah we brush our teeth in the tub. :)

We got this adorable toothbrush off of Amazon & Ro loves it. It's easy for her to hold and she enjoys chewing on it brushing her teeth with it. :)

Duck bathtub

Ro grew out of her whale tub. She kept wanting to sit up in it and trying to get out. So we thought she could just sit in the tub like a big girl. Well then she kept trying to go swimming because she doesn't quite understand the concept of water just yet. :) So we got this precious thing so she could sit up and splash like a duck.

Products we could do without:
DETERGENT BUILD UP!  GRRRR I'm stripping my diapers again because I have a few that are leaking and several that STAAAAAAANK! I'm realizing our moderately hard water is harder than my detergent appreciates. :) So I'm switching it up. I'm crossing my fingers it works. 

Note: No one is paying me or gifting me for my opinions of these products. These are just my opinion as a first time Mom. I'm flying through this parent thing by the seat of my pants, and figure you guys could benefit from my trial and error. :)

As always there are some silly outtakes of the monthly photos. Since she was so wiggly, I had a hard time finding a good picture. So there are plenty of goofy ones. :)

Hope you are all having a great week.
Lots of Love,
The Boffs


  1. I don't tell you this enough... She is soooo cute!!! She looks like she is such a fun baby and those facial expressions kill me! Love it!

    You make me want to CD so bad... but I just can't seem to talk the hubs and daycare into it! :(

  2. She is too fun! I love ALL the pictures . . .
    I'm with Tiffany on the cloth diapering! ^
    I really want to do it, but know Ellie's dad isn't a fan . . . and neither is Ellie's sitter. :/ Maybe the next baby?

    Anywhooooo . . . I just love this post, as usual. Rowyn could be a model! I just want to and play with her! I can tell you guys have so much fun :)

  3. she is so cute!! I have so many issues with cloth diapers that I've basically stopped using them :( Hope your new detergent helps!!

  4. Ro is getting so big! I love it. I had to go buy that duck tub after seeing how much she loves it. I need to purchase that toothbrush too. I can't find one that Birdie agrees with. I'm glad everything is going well!

  5. I love Ro's sweet smile! I can't believe she is nine months old. HEY. I'm having a scrub gift card giveaway from Uniform Advantage on my blog. Come enter! AND one of my friends is doing a Thirsties Duo Diaper giveaway- I thought of you when I saw it. http://www.growingupgeeky.com/2012/03/thirsties-duo-diaper-review-giveaway.html

  6. Haven't checked your blog for awhile since I do not see the links on facebook. I miss that. Anyway, I was on the big computer today and able to look up the link. I loved this post and the last one. Soooooo glad you are enjoying that stroller. Rowyn is such a doll. We will have to video chat soon. We miss you all. The pictures make us feel better! ReNee


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