Thursday, January 5, 2012

Want to see something pretty awesome??

I borrowed this from Boba's Facebook page. 
This is Caroline Gauthier with her son Caleb, 25 months. She has been motor crossing for 6 years. 

You can't tell me this picture doesn't make you want to yell,


I don't know if I'll be able to breastfeed my 2+ year old. Who knows how I'll feel about it in a few months. Who knows if we'll last that long. Who knows if she'll still be interested. Who knows, but the WHO (World Health Organization) reccomends you breastfeed for two to two and a half years in order for your child to get optimal benefits. 

I do know that the next time I see a woman feeding her babe. I'll think of this picture and think,

I was the first in my family to breast feed. I learned by example, doing it, and reading a TON! Thank God for my Sister in Law.  It is the most amazing feeling to know that I am my child's source of life. I nourish her. I grew her in my belly, and my milk makes her belly grow. :) 

I'm so over all the judgment. It makes my heart hurt. It's not our place to judge. As I've entered into this blogging, breastfeeding, cloth diapering, crunchy mommy world. . . I'm learned that,once again, American's thinks it's "shit don't stink" and how we should tell our Momma's to raise children.  
To cover up. 
Be discreet. 
Go to a bathroom.


If I could keep a cover on my child's head I would. Otherwise she's going to bring more attention to us batting the cover away than we would just "pretending to nap."

We are discreet. We don't yell from the rooftops, " Hey! MY BOOB IS OUT! It's an all out Bachelor party over here!"

Go to a bathroom?? Do you want to eat your meal in a public restroom?? Where people poop, pee, puke, and no telling WHAT else. 

I didn't think so. 

Open your eyes. It's a great big world out there. Our culture is one of the FEW cultures that makes breastfeeding, baby led weaning, cloth diapering, and elimination communicating seem so feaux pa. We feel the need to judge, question, and change things that have been working for people for 



We are just one little tiny SILLY country. 
The things we just pop off from our mouths make us seem so much sillier.

To me, this is awareness.

To me, this is culture.

To me, this is beautiful.


  1. Wow, that IS badass!

    ...and Amen to everything else you said. Keep doing what you're doing. Be the change you wish to see in the world!


  2. Totally agree. I wasn't able to nurse for very long due to issues with me, but I tried really hard and was appalled when people would suggest I pump in a bathroom. Do you prepare your dinner on a toilet? I didn't think so.

  3. Whitney, I breast fed both of my boys. Josh for 13 1/2 months and Daniel for 8 months (shorter due to lifes situations) Both would have continued if I had wanted to, etc.
    This was the BEST experience of motherhood for me. Plus, it helped we to lose the 50+ pounds I gained with each pregnancy. I actually weighed 20 pounds less than prior to being prego, both times. AWESOME!!!
    I digress, this was suppose to be about being good for the baby, right. :) Both babies have grown to be healthy, fantastic young men. The public eye (even in the 1980's) didn't accept the boob out in so well. I think the Sunday School teacher almost fell off his stool when I took one out the first time. LOL!!!
    Keep up the GREAT effort. Oh, I used cloth diapers too. I was (AM) such a rebel!!!
    Love reading your posts.

  4. Just a silly..I was reading above about the WHO recommendation...but I guess I need glasses (actually - I have reading glasses on the way :( ), b/c I missed the ".", which means I read the next few paragraphs while my mind kept going back to "Really???? The WHO recommends breastfeeding your child for twenty-five years????" I finally went back and read it again, squinted a little, and then laughed at myself a bunch. Thought you'd enjoy laughing at me too :)

    Love ya,

  5. I can't see the picture... feel free to take it straight from my FB page. Thanks for your supports :) Caroline Gauthier

  6. Howdy! I can send you my pic..the URL isnt working anymore.... Thanks for your support, it means so much to me *hugs*



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