Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Random Thoughts by Willis

I haven't done one of these in a while. They are my favorite posts, because you guys get a look into this crazy blonde brain of mine. These are really things I think about or do on any day to day basis. 

So  when I do posts I proof read these things about a hundred times. I proof read it in the edit format and the preview format. I read, re-read, edit, re-read. I even have had The Honey proof read posts  for me. Want to know what drives me bonkers??? Poor grammar and misspelled words. I'll be damned if every time I do a post, I find like 10 errors. 10 BIG errors. 


Then I spend about 24 hours worried that you guys think I'm dumb.

No seriously.

Why doesn't blogger have emoji?!?! It would make my emotions way more known, rather than just this :) or :(, or even this >: (  It's just not the same! I'm sure its my obsession with Instagram that feeds this need for emoji. 

Speaking of Instagram, I LOVE my Mommies on there. I love them so much that sometimes I "talk" to them more than my in real life friends. :) <--- See. There could totally be a better emoji for that.  One of my FAVORITE girls is Jordyn over at Loving Luella. We've decided that if we lived in the same town we would be BFF.  Go read her super cute blog and check out  how adorable Ellie is! I think she & Rowyn would be BFF too.  If you haven't gotten on instagram and you LOVE to take pictures with your iPhone. . . Do it! Find me on there if you wanna: WhitBoff

An IG post

IG post

A few weeks ago, one of my Mommy IG friends gave me a suggestion for Ro's congestion. She told me breast milk was a miracle worker for so many things like this. She gave me this link: Your Walking Medicine Chest. AMAZING! So these days I've been walking around like the Dad on My Big Fat Greek Wedding and putting breast milk on EVERYTHING. Ro's nose, zits, scratches, you name it. One of the girls said she did use it for her pink eye and it worked. WHAAAAAAAAT!??! So Tom thinks I'm nuts, but hey it's readily available at anytime. Why not?? BAHAHA

See that red spot on Ro's finger?? A day before it had been uber swollen and  red.  After a few dabs of  "liquid gold" it looked so much better. really!

Yeah...I put it on my hand. DON'T JUDGE ME!

I have a problem. 

My husband loves me. He must. Otherwise why would he stick around for all of my crazy antics. Cloth diapers.
 Breast milk on everything. He laughs, but still comes home every day.
 My latest craze? "No Poo."  

No, this isn't about Tom's IBS. It's not even about Rowyn's rotten self. 
I'm talking about NO SHAMPOO. That's right. I haven't washed my hair with shampoo since last Friday. That's 5 days, and I'm normally an every other day kind of girl. 

No I'm not taking my hippy butt to the extreme and going for dreads. I'm actually trying to make a healthier choice for my hair. It's a way to strip your hair of all the chemicals and buildup from shampoo and conditioner damage. Type in "No Poo" on your internet search engine. I really wasn't a believer until Rashelle make me one. I mentioned her and her sweet Sophia in THIS post. Yeah, she's one of my IG Mom's that I ADORE. Love her. Any who, she's been doing "No Poo" for a while and her hair looks amazing! Plus she got a sassy new haircut.

Ignore my severe need for highlights. It's been since my birthday. . .  That's Nov. 5th (for anyone who wants to buy me a present!) 

 To wash it you use Baking Soda for shampoo and Apple Cider vinegar for conditioner.  So far so good.  It definitely feels way thicker. The only thing I do miss, is the smell. I love clean hear smell. I'm wondering if I could add a teeny tiny bit of some sort of scent in it to make it smell yummy. It doesn't stink, it just doesn't have a smell. I'll keep you all up to date on my latest crazy Willis trick. Good thing I love to wear hats, because there will probably be a lot in my future

Today this happened. 

She went back to sleep. :)

So I'm still stripping diapers. I'm on the second batch and it was way worse than the first. GRRR. Those of you who cloth diaper, do you like Rockin Green or do you use something else?? I'm not saying that the detergent itself was the problem. I figure it was bound to happen, just wondering how I can prevent it from happening again.

Hope you are all having a fabulous week.
Lots of Love,
The Boffs


  1. "I love clean *hair smell."

    Was that a test to see if anyone could find a mistake after your rant about poor grammar?

  2. Oh my goodness. Could you BE any sweeter?! I saw all this traffic coming from your blog and was like what the?! LOL! and I totally just came to your blog to get your link to tag you in a post that I'm doing! One of my things I list as a pet peeve is poor grammar - but I swear I don't notice yours and definitely don't judge you for it! I think you do a great job!

    Ok, so if you and your hubs want to move to MO anytime, just let me know! We have land you can build on! ;) Ro and Ellz would be BFF's FO' LIFE!

  3. Ok, you seriously crack me up. If I ever posted on my blog, this is totally the kind of stuff I would write. I too have crawled out of my baby's room, used breastmilk for baby's boo boos, and slept on their floor for fear of them waking up after just 5 min.

    I would love to try no poo.

    I use Charlie's soap on my cloth. No issues, but I have been cloth diapering for less time than you. So I'm not sure if it works better.

  4. Have I mentioned that I love you??

    I use Ecos Free and Clear on my diapers. I need to strip them simply because my washer broke and they had to sit for longer than I'd like and Sophia had a diaper rash so....just in case I'm going to be doing a super strip. Fun! haha.


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