Monday, January 16, 2012

The infinite abyss.. Rowyn's stomach.

So the baby led weaning thing is going great. We've been doing it for about 6 weeks and she's a pro. The last week there have been several days where I kept pulling out more food from the fridge because she was snarfing it all down. Well most of it.  The dog does get her fair share! I think that's why she is her BFF now. :) It only took 6 months.

Since reading the book, like I mentioned before, I just feel so much more at ease with the whole thing. (Thank you Aunt Laura and Uncle David for gifting us the book for Christmas!!!! )  I just trust her to know what and when she needs something. Some days she eats more of one thing than others. I'm still breast feeding on demand so I have no doubt she's getting the calories and nutrition she needs. Plus her diapers are telling me she's also getting plenty of solids. We've found that watermelon is a favorite. We've also recently tried turkey sausage, peaches, whole wheat pasta, swiss cheese, mandarine oranges, sweet potato fries :), and yogurt. I try to stick organic foods as much as possible. Several people kept asking me how she would ever learn to eat with a spoon if she always ate with her hands. My first thought was. . .
 "Poop. . . .

 Who cares."


Seriously. She's 7 months old, why would she need to eat with utensils until she needed to show her manners on her first date. . . .when she's 30. :)

She LOVES watermelon. have a your...errr..teeth. 

Then I thought, it could be fun to see what she would do. I've seen several moms just load a spoon for babe and hand it to them or place it on the tray. So I did just that. I let her play. She had it everywhere. It was in her hair, in mine, and of course miller got plenty from a few air launched spoons. The whole process is messy, which I'm used to now. The mess doesn't bother me much. It's how she learns. It's how she's learning to trust the food & me. I did help her direct one spoonful to her mouth just so she could taste it. She made a face. One thing I read and in fact do now see is that with anything new, the baby is going to make a face. It's a natural reaction. It doesn't mean she doesn't like it. It just means its new and not something she was expecting.


Excuse the snot in the video. BLEH. We are getting over our first cold.

With anything new, Ro will taste it at least once and usually plays with it. Again, she's learning. She is learning textures. She's learning tastes. She is learning cause and effect. I don't stress much with new things. I just make sure to have other things she likes. Then a few meals later, I pull it back out and she'll try a little more.

The yogurt was no different. Neither was the spoon. Today she ate the whole carton! A lot was everywhere but in her mouth, but still! We went through four spoons because the first three were dropped and made out with by the dog. And the high chair cover definitely needs a wash about once a week. Oh well. :) (PS. GRANDMA & GRANDPA, we LOVE our highchair. Especially because it is SO easy to clean! )She has a great big growing Buddha belly, full diapers, and she's tries everything at least once.

My sister has a time with my picky nephew. He comes by it honestly. :) one thing I really love that she does is that no matter what, you have to try something at least one time. So if you don't like it, ok, you at least tried it! However, how exciting is it to find something new that you like. I want our family to live by this motto as well. I'll have to get The Honey on board. It is like pulling teeth to get him to try something new that may "look weird."

So all in all we've been happy with the food experiment, spoons and all. She watches us eat with utensils daily. She knew exactly what to do with the spoon.

Tom and I agree that it has been so much fun. We've really enjoyed going out to eat. She just eats from our plates. Of course I order food knowing that it should be something she will eat or at least be able to handle. We also make healthier choices knowing that she will eat it too. It has totally allowed us to be able to enjoy dinner. We have conversation. We laugh. We all get to eat at the same time! It's awesome!

I mean seriously, look at those legs and THAT BELLY! 

She obviously does NOT miss a meal! :)

My broom & mop are working overtime, but again Miller helps a ton. She's not a normal lab though. . . .she actually won't eat certain things! Who knew labs didn't like bananas or broccoli! Both are probably a good thing. I do have to sleep with her at night, and Lord knows I don't need her awful gaseous fumes waking me up anymore than they already do!

So it really seems like our day revolves around eating A LOT. Now that she's eating more she's starting to drop nursing sessions since she is going so long in between. So I've been pumping like crazy and drinking my tea to keep my supply in check. Since some days she seems to eat more and other she nurses more I want to keep it up until she WEANS herself completely off. I don't think it will be anytime soon, but who knows.  I have a feeling we'll stick with the morning and bedtime nursing for a while. I kind of hope so at least.

I also realized I have a build up issue with my diapers. BOO. So I'm doing some major stripping. I'm currently on my FOURTH rinse with this load of diapers and I STILL HAVE SUDS.  I use Rockin' Green  and put in the amount that is required. . .  I don't watch my hubs when he does the laundry though. (YES. You read that correctly, he does diaper laundry too. He won't spray a poo diaper often, but he'll wash. I just need to teach him out to stuff my pockets and I'll have the sexiest cloth diaper hubs in town.) I've stressed so much about build up and stinky issues, I'm sure he's putting the right amount in. I think after 4 almost five months, it is probably time for a good strip. Keep in mind, these are all my dirties. It's times like these I'm glad I have enough diapers to get me through several days so while this is taking a while I still can keep her bum covered in cloth. Once these are done I'll have to strip the next load. BOO.

I'll post soon on how I "stripped" them of the detergent build up and if it worked. Thank you Lord for my IG Mom's that help me out in times of need. KEEP YOUR FINGERS CROSSED!

Hope you are all having a great weekend!
Lots of love,
The Boffs


  1. So glad BLW is going so well! I wish I had don it with my son, he just turned 1, but I look forward to doing it when I have other kids. Thanks for the update and suggestions! She is precious!

  2. She is seriously TOO cute for words! And like you said . . . those legs!! I loveeee them!


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