Sunday, January 29, 2012

8 months of Sass

Miss Rowyn turned 8 months on Thursday. Each passing month just keeps sneaking up on is. It is so unreal to me that she is already 8 months. I know I know, I say that every month. Everyone always says it, but it does. . .IT GOES TOO FAST!

She is just a big ball of personality and is living up to her nickname day in and day out. She is just SASSY!  She sleeps like such a big girl. She usually goes down at 8 PM and sleeps until at least 7:30. Sometimes longer, sometimes shorter. We just go get her out of her crib, I nurse her in our bed, and we doze for a little longer. It is so nice. We do have the occasional bad night due to teeth, colds, tummy aches, head bumps on the crib, etc. However, she totally makes up for her lack of napping. I just recently put the bumpers back on the crib because she kept bonking her poor little noggin all over. She rolls every which way and we have the Angel Care monitor, so I feel much better at her age now with them back on. When she starts climbing things, I'll probably have to remove them again. 

She is doing so much better with naps. She usually goes down every 3+ hours. Sometimes it lasts 30 minutes, sometimes its 2 hours. Those long naps I never expect so I feel like I always waste that time just waiting around for her to "wake up any minute." Still, it is nice to have some quiet time on those days. Whenever she does wake up, she wakes up talking. Occasionally there are tears, but that means she is still sleepy. She usually gabs, squeals, and giggles until we go get her. 

She loves "singing" in church, however when the music stops she sometimes forgets to stop singing. :) Seriously people start singing, or music is playing, she is making noise. She used to jump like crazy in my belly during church songs, so I'm not surprised. 

No intentional words,which by no means do I expect any. Just a lot of Ma Ma Mas, Da da das, and several other syllables. I could have sworn she said Hi one day when I told her to say "Hi Miller," bahahha but I'm going to be bet I was just imagining a really high pitched noise that  was no closer to Hi than her saying onomatopoeia. :)

She eats like a champ. You can see my most recent post on BLW HERE. Some of her favorites right now are yogurt, watermelon, strawberries, green beans, and pears. She tried her first pickle last night and seemed to really like it! JUST LIKE HER MOMMA! Just make sure you don't eat anything you don't want her to try, because she will grunt at you until she gets it. I was eating a nutty bar (GUILTY PLEASURE!)  in front of her one day and Miss Piggy got MAAAAD! So I try to only eat things that I'm willing to let her try so she won't try to eat my arm off. 

We've started this new squinty eyed, gummy grin when she is eating. I ask, "Is that yummy????" and she does this. . .

I die!

She has also started to wave. The first time she did it, I was sitting in the pew in church while Daddy was walking her around outside the sanctuary until she got all of her "singing" out of her system. He told her to wave to Mommy and she flapped that chubby little arm like a chicken wing. I cried the first time she laughed, and I cried the first time she waved. I'm such a baby.

Home girl doesn't meet a stranger. She may stare at newcomers for a little bit, but soon after she will smile and flirt with ANY ONE! She is such a ham. 

We're not crawling. . . we don't really have much interest. :) She only rolls on her belly and pushes up on all fours if she is completely naked. Hippy after my own heart.  She has great control with sitting up and leaning forward though. . . I'm sure she'll figure it out. She is very interested in trying to pull up on things. She doesn't have the strength yet, but she's trying. 

Trying to escape a diaper change. :)

We still wear mostly 3-6 month clothes, and a few 6-9. The arms are way too long in the 6-9. but the 3-6 are getting to short in the legs. We weighed her last month when she had that viral infection and had to take her in to the doctor.  She had gained  a pound in a month, so it's safe to say she is eating plenty. 
Again, she'll probably always be pretty petite like me. 

Every day we thank God for our beautiful family. I can't imagine life without her or my husband. They make me whole. Even though times are tough these days, I still go to bed at night feeling like the luckiest girl in the world. 

So with our first cold and as always, we have tried some products we love and some we don't so much.

Products We Love:
Boogie Wipes.
 Holy Moly we had a snotty nose, and not once did it get red and irritated. Those things are wonderful. I now have bought a big canister to have at home, and a small one to have in the diaper bag.

Nose Frieda. 
It seemed weird to me at first, but that nasal aspirator wasn't cutting it. She is not  a fan of either one, but at least the Frieda actually did something. A must have in any parents home, in my opinion. It's dishwasher safe, comes with replacement sponge barriers, and you will NEVER touch the snot. 


Vicks Waterless Vaporizer.
Talk about clear your sinuses. The replacement strips weren't the cheapest after 3 boxes, but worth it. The first nights we were up every 2-3 hours, then she was back to her old schedule agian. Hallelujah. 

Munchkin sippy
The tip of this is soft and flexible. I don't know about your 8 month olds, but she puts everything in her mouth and bites it. Which is why she was able to figure these out so quickly. All she had to do was bite it and a little water came out, which led to her sucking reflex. Wah -La. A Sippy master.

Carter's Sleep Sack 
 This has been the perfect transition from the swaddle. We were still wrapping her legs up at 6 months.  because I was so worried she would get cold, but then I was concerned she couldn't  move around.  So this way she stays warm and can get her wiggle on.

Products we weren't a fan of:
Playtex Sippy
Ro just could never figure them out at first. They don't have a give. So when she bit on it, nothing would come out. Nothing comes out unless you suck, and she just wasn't doing that on first instinct. I know some people love these. They are well made, sturdy, and don't leak. They just weren't for us.

Bulb nasal aspirator
 They send these home with you from the hospital. We never got one. So I bought one from Target. It was traumatic every time I used it, and very little snot would actually come out! 

CJs Butter
I know a ton of people love this stuff. I got it for free from one of my black Friday deals. I received the stick and it was unscented. Initially I liked it because it was so easy to apply, but then my stick broke. Like when your chapstick gets too hot in the car and part of it breaks off in the lid. Yeah, except mine was in a dresser drawer in a cool dry place. ????? Any who, it's still usable but it still doesn't get rid of diaper rash like my coconut oil. We get rashy after we eat certain foods, but usually a nakie booty and some coconut oil clears it right up in a matter of an hour or so. CJ's just doesn't work on OUR hiney. Again, so many people love this stuff, it just doesn't work for us.

Goals for Next Month:
Transition to cloth wipes. I will not buy another bulk package of wipes ever again. I'll buy them if we need them for a long trip and I'll still keep some in my diaper bag, but at home I'm making the transition. I bought 30+ wash cloths at Ross for Less for $7. I buy a 3 pack of wipes for almost the same amount every 3-4 weeks. So in one month they will pay for themselves. I also have a few flannel receiving blankets I'm going to cut up and hem to 1) try out a different material and 2) work on my sewing skills. :(

Our cloth diapering adventures are growing....and growing. :) We ( I) love it sooooo much. I am working on my own giveaway hopefully soon. So I'm pretty excited about that. 

The Outakes :)

What is this crap on my head?

YEAH YEAH YEAH! I've finally figured out how to get these damn things OFF!

Just hangin' out, shootin' hoops. :)

Right before she started to eat the sticker. 

You lookin' at me?!?!

Hope you all have a blessed week!
Lots of Love,
The Boffs


  1. Ohhh, Whitney! She is too cute for words.
    We can't live without boogie wipes. Ellie will actually blow her nose for me with them. It is so weird to see a little baby actually know to blow her nose. She won't do it with tissues, though - just the boog wipes! I have went to 3 baby showers in the past month and have 2 more next week - - - - I always give them these things! Everyone must know about their greatness! :)

  2. She is adorable! I have some questions for you regarding cloth diapers and amber teething necklaces. I would love to email you my questions. I need some advice! Let me know if that is the best way to contact you or if you want me to just leave it in the comments. Thanks so much!

  3. Gosh, she is so cute--love how teeny she looks ont he couch! Thanks for all the product reviews--love hearing what works and what doesn't for moms! Did you transition her to the crib and when? And when did she start sleeping through the night? Also, when your baby started going longer stretches for feedings-did you pump or did your production just figure it out? Sorry for all the questions but it kind of seems like we are similar in a lot of the ways we are going about this so I like picking your brain!

  4. Ok, I did NOT know that Ro sleeps through the night! I am a little bit jealous right now. ;)
    Love these cute pictures and your product reviews. Have you tried coconut oil for diaper rashes? We love it. :)


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